Exploring Old Islamic Cairo | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

There are many wonderous layers of Egypt to explore, and one visit to this North African country was not enough, I know it was not for me. First, you have the Pyramdis of Giza and all the historic temples of ancient Egypt that run along the Nile River. Then you have another layer of Egyptian history that can be found in the Old Islamic area of Cairo.

Historic Cairo

Old Islamic Cairo, which is also referred to as “Historic Cairo” was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. There are over 600 structures of cultural importance in Historic Cairo and it is an intriguing and special area to visit.

Historic Cairo– Tucked away amid the modern urban area of Cairo lies one of the world’s oldest Islamic cities, with its famous mosques, madrasas, hammams and fountains. Founded in the 10th century, it became the new centre of the Islamic world, reaching its golden age in the 14th century.

– UNESCO World Heritage Site
Kahn Al-Khalili

I had spent three weeks in Egypt, which included a short stint in Cairo. I found the city’s life force intriguing, harsh, loud, crowded, amazing, and magnificent all in one breath. I have been to about fifty countries, and none have been so intense, magical, and interesting as Egypt. Cairo was about as harsh as a city that I had been to and I grew up in Los Angeles, but it was more mind boggling than Manila, Amman, Lima, or any city in Mexico. It was fascinating, really.

Many People in Kahn Al-Khalili

Since I am a seasoned traveller, I thought that I could do Egypt on my own and then did some research. Right, well I am glad that I had booked several private guides in the cities I visited, and I suggest that you do the same. I did not book with a large tour bus company, but had booked individual day tours instead. It gave myself and my friends more freedom, but the safety and convenience of a private guide and driver.

City Views from the Mosque of Ibn Tulun

If you are in need of an Egyptologist with a separate driver who will professionally guide you through Historic Cairo, I highly recommend Ehab Mehana. He was my personal guide throughout Historic – Islamic Cairo, Ehab was terrific, knowledgeable and just a great human being.

Historic Cairo was more fantastic than I thought it would be. I found it to be a very safe and peaceful area, especially when having a personal guide and driver. I know for a fact that one day I will be back with more on my To-See List in Islamic Cairo.


Photo Journal and Places to Visit in Historic Cairo

Kahn el Khalili Bazaar

For more information ➡ Kahn el- Khalili – Cairo’s Most Famous Bazaar


Kahn el-Khalili to the to the City Gate of Bab al-Futuh

Bab al-Futuh


My Cairo and Giza Food Blog

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Having a Red Tea Break


The Mosque of Ibn Tulun

For more information ➡ The Mosque of Ibn Tulun


The Mosque – Madrasa of Sultan Hhasan

For more information ➡The Mosque – Madrasa of Sultan Hasan


Mosque of Al Rifa’i

For more information ➡ Mosque of Al Rifa’i


Old Cairo From the Car


I have an insane calling to be somewhere I am not…

Yours Truly in Historic Cairo, Egypt

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