Khan el-Khalili – Cairo’s Most Famous Bazaar | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

“I used to get upset watching people running through a maze of alleyways, only to get stuck in a dead end and then get caught. Now I know what they feel like.” One of my friends had said this while we were trying to find our way back out of the Bazaar, and she was correct!

Yes, this place was confusing as heck, but it was intriguing, touristy, and historic all at the same time. Kahn el-Khalili was magnificent.

I had come to Khan el-Khalili twice while in Egypt. The e first time was with my two travel friends, and we got lost with other tourists that we friended in the alleyways. We just kept walking deeper and deeper into the bazaar until we were 100% lost. Luckily our driver told us to take a photo of where he was going to pick us up, that way we could show it to locals, and they could direct us. That is exactly what we did, and obviously we found our way out!

The second time I went to Khan el-Khalili it was on a quiet early morning before the stores had opened, it was a totally different expereince. I was on a private tour with Ehab Mehana who brought me through the streets of Old Cairo, and several of the historic mosques.

However you visit Khan el-Khalili, it will be quite the experience of browsing, people watching, bargaining, and excitement. I had bargained this belly dancer rag doll down to a few dollars, and she sits on my shelf next to my other Egyptian souvenirs.

My belly dancer doll

Hint, if you keep walking down one of the main streets towards the left enterance of the bazaar, you will walk through beautiful historic Cairo and to old gates of the city, Bab al-Futuh.

Walking map from Khan el-Khalili to the city gate
Bab al-Futuh

This souk is on everybody’s bucket list who visits Cairo for many reasons, either taking photos for the gram or visiting one of the oldest shopping experiences in the world. Kahn el-Khalili dates back to the thirteenth century and is part of the designated area of Historic Cairo- A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

On both visits, I had taken a variety of photos of people and things throughout the souk. I found the pictures to be my favorite souvenirs, even over the belly dancer doll, of the exciting hustle of this shopping maze.

Photo Journal of Kahn el-Kahili

🐫 I hope that you enjoy your visit to Egypt and the adventure that awaits you!

If you are in need of an Egyptologist with a separate driver who will professionally guide you through Historic Cairo, I highly recommend Ehab Mehana. He was my guide throughout Historic – Islamic Cairo, he was terrific, knowledgeable and just a great human being.


I have this desire to explore…

Yours Truly in the midst of Kahn el-Khalili

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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