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What I ate in LUXEMBOURG – A Food Journal

Luxembourg Gastronomy, I wish I had more time to dive into it. This was another country that I need to re-visit with a more serious focus on their cuisine. I only had one day out in Luxembourg City because I had to play catch up with a bit of writing. Everything worked out though and what I ate was pretty great!

From lunching at one of the city’s highly rated restaurants to eating a huge plate of Spaghetti Bolognese at my hotel, my short list of “What I ate in Luxembourg – A Food Journal”.

Lunching in Luxembourg

Prior to my eight weeks in Europe excursion, I researched restaurants in Luxembourg for a nice lunch on my first day there. My specifications were an upscale restaurant, serving traditional food and good regional wine.  I decided Café – Restaurant Um Dierfgen was the place and it did not disappoint.

Kniddelen mat Speck was on my list of dishes to try while in Luxembourg and I found it at Um Dierfgen. I loved the little flour dumplings served with cream and parsley. I had the option to have it with bacon and of course I chose that option. It was accompanied with a side of fresh bread and my delicious meal was the perfect “Welcome to Luxembourg” lunch!

If I am anything, I am picky on my Riesling. I have tried excellent ones and others that do not hit my palate just right. I have found that German Rieslings from the Mosel Valley, are quite perfect in my book. So I was excited to try one of Germany’s neighboring country’s Rieslings. I was very impressed with Luxembourg’s Riesling as it was similar to Germany’s. So if someone gifts me with a bottle of Luxembourg Riesling, I will be your friend for a lifetime!

For restaurant information and location, please visit their official website – Café – Restaurant Um Dierfgen 


Ohhh Oberweis!

I am very glad that I found Oberweis in Luxembourg. This boulangerie is also a patisserie and restaurant, it sounds perfect does it not? I decided on a couple of savory items; a toastie topped with prawn, pate, egg and vegetables. Also a delicious flaky roll filled with a generous serving of pate. It was a nice treat to eat while I was doing some writing in my hotel room.

Prawn, Egg and Pate

For restaurant information and locations, please visit their website – Oberweis Luxembourg 


A Couple of Tasty Things

So I am a definite pastry-type girl. Pastries are another food that I have to stop, sniff the doorway and do a bit of window licking. I was fortunate enough to have Fischer bakery next door to my hotel, which came in handy on that writing day.

My cinnamon roll with pistachios and a little sweet tartlet.

For bakery information and locations, please visit their website – Fischer


So Much Spaghetti Bolognese

My hotel in Luxembourg was above an Italian restaurant. Can you guess what was for dinner? So many carbs! I cannot complain though as my gigantic Spaghetti Bolognese was good comfort food. It was very similar to what I used to make for family dinners now and then.

I also was given a free welcome cocktail and a bowl of bar nuts, It was not a bad deal really.


🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property- Trixie Navarre

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