The International UFO Museum & Research Center | Roswell, NM

The city of Roswell in New Mexico definitely owns it when it comes to the extra-terrestrial lifestyle. This tourist town of about 50,000 people is located in the southwest corner of New Mexico, and is world famous for an alleged UFO incident in 1947. It is also a two hour drive away from Carlsbad Caverns National Park, which makes it a natural stop while visiting the caves.

That is how I ended up in Roswell for a day and a night. I was on my way to Carlsbad Caverns from Interstate 40, and thought this would be an interesting day trip while road tripping. I would come into Roswell in the afternoon, go to the museum, spend the night and drive to Carlsbad Caverns National Park the next morning. In hind sight it was a great plan, but I should have visited Roswell on the way back from the caves.

I believe that I spent too much time in Roswell, and I got bored rather quickly. The only place worth visiting in my opinion was the International UFO Museum and Research Center. After visiting the museum, which took about an hour and a half, I was looking for something else that would interest me. There was a lake but the weather was quite hot and I did not feel like visiting it.

Although Roswell is alien quaint, it is small and many parts of it are run down. I was road tripping solo, it was hot, and I was being cautious. I decided after my meal in Roswell, to spend the rest of the day in my air conditioned hotel room.

Do not get me wrong, Roswell is an interesting town to visit due to the UFO history. I believe that others with different interests could find many things to do in this city. For myself, three hours in Roswell would have been good enough!

The International UFO Museum & Research Center

I am far from being alien obsessed or a Sci-Fi fan girl, but the UFO Museum intrigued me enough to spend a day in Roswell. I do not know many people who have not heard of the “Roswell Incident”. Most people have watched a show, read an article, or overheard their alien enthusiastic friend speak of it. I decided to go and see, so I could make my own conclusions on this 1947 event.

This museum is also a research center and was organized to inform the public about the Roswell Incident that occurred in 1947. It is dedicated to the preservation and collection of written, audio and visual information, and materials that were related to that event. This museum also contains additional data of many other unexplained phenomena that is related to UFO research. The International UFO Museum and Research Center, is known as the leading source for information on the history, science, and research of global UFO events.

When I visited the UFO museum, I had no siding either way of opinions on alien life forms. Let me rephrase that, I did not have enough data to make an educated conclusion whether or not the Roswell Incident occurred, as well as other UFO events. I have always believed that it would be selfish to think that the beings on Earth were the only lifeforms existing. I also have a strong belief in other planes and universes, so I do keep an open mind.

Visiting the museum did sway my opinion towards alien life visiting Earth and government cover-up. My conclusions and gut feelings leaned towards “yes” due to the large amount of evidence, data, and reasoning at this museum-research center.

I am not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I do believe that are some things that are not revealed to the general public for good reasons. If you recall what happened during the first stages of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020 when everyone panicked. It was media mayhem, and people hoarded toilet paper of all things. The majority of the human population is fearful and odd, so if alien research was made public we would be doing more than hoarding toilet paper.

Although I do believe the Roswell Incident happened, I am not and will never be alien obsessed. I will never say that those who are have a screw loose, but that is just their interest. I have other interests in life and it does not involve alien lifeforms- to each their own. I did leave the city of Roswell with more knowledge of UFO and extra-terrestrial lifeforms than when I arrived, so my visit was eventful. That is all I have to say about that.

I absolutely recommend a visit to the UFO museum and research center in Roswell, New Mexico. I believe that having more information on any subject is helpful especially with questionable events such as this. Whether you leave Roswell as a believer or more of sceptic, at least you visited and made your own personal conclusion.

For more museum information and location, please visit International UFO Museum & Research Center in Roswell, NV

— Roswell’s Best Burger —

Since I was only in Roswell for a day and wanted something casual after visiting the International UFO Museum and Research Center, I decided on Julie’s Place. Despite the neighborhood and the dated appearance of this burger dive, Julie’s had some of the highest reviews in Roswell. I occasionally do enjoy hole in the wall places, and this definitely was one.

Julie’s Place was very tasty, and one of the better backyard burgers that I have tried. Plus, their crunchy zig-zag fries were perfect and delicious. It brought me back to my teen years of ordering this style of french fries from a burger shack across my high school in Glendale, California. I do recommend it for those looking for a casual burger and fries while in Roswell.


Too alien for earth, too human for outer space …

– Rune Lazuli
👽 Yours Truly in Roswell, New Mexico

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