Jardan Kod Krsta | Budva’s Most Famous Restaurant

Budva, Montenegro– Traveling six weeks through Eastern Europe and the Balkans gave me many opportunities to eat at well reknown restaurants. In Budapest there was Gundel and Gerbeaud, in Zagreb it was Agave, and in Budva it was Jardan Kod Krsta.

Greetings from Kod Krsta!

For four decades, Jardan Kod Krsta, a family run restaurant has been Budva’s most famous place to dine. In fact, some locals will say that if you had not eaten at Krsta, you have not visited Budva. This favorable restaurant serves daily fresh seafood, clams, and crabs with everything cooked over a hot coal grill. Krsta also offers a full International cuisine menu if you wanted to skip over the seafood.

Kod Krsta is cleverly located along the seaside promenade before you arrive to the gates of Old Town. There is plenty of indoor seating, but the best seats in the house are under the canopy covered deck, which is in front of the restaurant. If you are lucky enough, try to secure a table on that breezy deck that jets out onto the Adriatic sea.

Budva’s Promenade

The stars must have been aligned just right, and I was fortunate to have landed a table exactly where I wanted. Although the indoor seating looked very comfortable, nothing beats a seaside view with your fresh seafood meal. It was universal timing because all of the tables on the deck were full. I happened to arrive when one of the tables was being cleared, and I was offered it. Great things happen in Montenegro!

– On the Table –

Bread Basket and Flavorful Condiments

A lovely basket of brown and white bread slices, herbed olive oil, lemon wedges. and a tomato butter spread.


Pinot Grigio

A glass of Italian Pinot Grigio with a seaside view


The Special – Fish of the Day

Two selections of freshly caught fish that were grilled to perfection, accompanied with simple greens and potatoes.


Ice Cream

Tripple scoop of local ice cream served in a silver pedestal dish.


Wine and Liqueur

A digestif, which was graciously given to me by my server, and a second glass of Pino Grigio.


Dining at Jardan Kod Krsta was a memorable seaside meal from the beginning until the end. The casual atmosphere, the fresh sea air, and extraordinary cuisine and service was exactly what I was hoping to find. It is apparent why Jardan Kod Krsta has been Budva’s most famous restaurant for decades. If you have not been to Krsta, you have not been to Budva!


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For restaurant information and menu, please visit Restaurant Jardan Kod Krsta

Let the sea set you free…

Yours Truly in Montenegro

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