What I ate in MONTENEGRO – A Food Journal

There are not many places in this world that I can say that I would love to return to and stay awhile. Actually, there are only a couple of “True Love” destinations for me and the Kotor Bay in Montenegro is one of them.

Greetings from Montenegro!

The bay is breathtaking with little medieval villages that line the edges where the mountains meet the sea. The water is so blue it almost seems unreal at times. Then there was the food- Fresh seafood and fish at your disposal. Kotor Bay was my happy place.

From my systematic annihilation of bread baskets to eating traditional cake in a medieval seaside village- My list of “What I ate in Montenegro – A Food Journal”.


Jardan Kod Krsta – Budva’s Most Famous

This restaurant was high on my list of places to try while in the Balkans. For four decades, Jardan Kod Krsta has been Budva’s most famous restaurant for their fresh seafood and smart location. Krsta sits along the seaside promenade before you get to the gates of Old Town. Try to secure a table on the deck that jets out onto the sea, which is in front of the main restaurant. I was fortunate to do just that. It was universal timing because all of the tables on the deck were full. I happened to arrive when they were clearing off a seaside table, and I was offered it- Hooray!

The food and hospitality were equally outstanding. I can see why this place has been Budva’s most famous restaurant for decades. The fish was of great quality and very fresh.  It was lightly seasoned to enhance the flavor, rather than to mask the quality. I ordered the fish of the day, which had two fish selections and a simple side of greens with potatoes. It was an exceptional meal. The service was just as good, and I was well attended to considering that I was dining solo. My server gave me a free drink, possibly two? It was a lovely seaside meal before I hopped on a bus back to Kotor. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

For restaurant information, please visit their official website – Jardan Kod Krsta 

For my complete review – Jardan Kod Krsta | Budva’s Most Famous Restaurant


A Disappointing Sundae

I cannot believe that I paid €8 for whipped cream. I do not even like whipped cream. I can do a little, but not a whole bowl of it. This looked nothing like the menu photo, although it did have everything listed, just not in the same proportions. I suppose that you could argue it both ways really, which to me is amusing. I did not return it, I just ate it and learned a lesson.


You can actually see where the ice cream ends, and where the whipped cream starts. This was not the first time I was given more cheap whipped cream than dessert, and it makes me laugh just thinking of it. I had a similar instance in Hungary, with an all whipped cream dessert → What I ate in HUNGARY – A Food Journal


Casper Bar in Budva

Sometimes I do get lucky and stumble upon a cool place like Casper Bar. That is how it happened though, I stumbled upon it. I was walking through Old Town, and saw an outdoor café surrounded by trees and a rock wall. It was enchanting.


This was the ultimate sandwich for under €5- Stuffed toasted bread with Bloody Mary butter, prosciutto, and cheese plus a side salad.

For location and bar information, please visit their Facebook page – Casper Bar


Seaside Lunch at Conte Restaurant

There are moments when the world seems perfect. While I was sitting along the harbor in Perast at Conte Restaurant, sipping champagne, and watching the boats go by- I felt that moment of perfection. So much that I videoed and posted it, saying that I wanted to move here, and asked who would visit me. I still feel that the Bay of Kotor is perfection, and would move there even if it were for a month or two.

Both the food and service were excellent at CONTE Restaurant, as well as the unparalleled atmosphere. If you can secure a seaside table next to Kotor Bay’s tranquil, turquoise blue water, your already magnificent meal will automatically level up. I started off with prosecco, and moved onto a chardonnay. I then dined on the fish soup, prawn stuffed gnocchi, and finished with the Perast traditional cake- it was all perfection.

Conte Restaurant is located in front of the charming Hotel Conte along the promenade. For hotel or restaurant information, please visit their official website- Hotel Conte 

For my complete review CONTE Restaurant | Perfection in Perast, Montenegro


Bountiful Bread Baskets

I am not ashamed to say that I annihilated each of these bread baskets. Oh, and within a three day period, one a day. I loved the different fresh bread assortments, butter, spreads and oils that were offered. All of them were lovely, and I cannot choose a favorite.

Kotor and Budva, Montenegro knows exactly what they are doing with cuisine and hospitality, right down to their bread baskets.


Brunch and People Watching

I had some time to kill before I caught the water taxi to Perast and Lady of the Rocks, and I decided to have a latte and a cheese omelet. That was when I realized how many cruise day trippers that came in and out of Kotor. As I sipped and noshed, I watched. They came in by the masses, and it was amazing to watch. I am not dissing cruisers as I have done several myself, but it was interesting to see how the other side views it.

You are not going to find many places that serve your typical BIG American style breakfasts in this part of the world. Sometimes it is an overpriced cheese omelet with a side of cucumber-tomatoes and a latte. It was all good because I was in Kotor.


My Ham & Cheese Morning Sammie

I walked into a little deli store across the way from my hotel looking for food, what else is new? This little mom & pop place was the only thing opened early in the morning. The lady behind the counter asked me, “Would you like a sandwich?” I thought she was psychic because I did want a sandwich. I said “Yes”. She asked “Ham and cheese?” I almost cried. I believe she charged me about €3.00 for it, so I came back the next morning.


This was an exceptional sandwich for the price. The bread was very fresh and soft, while the slices of ham and cheese were perfectly proportioned. The woman in the deli made it fresh for me the two mornings that I came in. I miss that sandwich.



Caffeine beverages in the form of coffee is taken very serious in this part of the world. You can find caffe bars everywhere throughout Europe, the Balkans, and Baltic States. It is not uncommon to just sit and have a cup of coffee while people watching, it is part of the every day culture, and I love it.

With every meal I had a cup whether it was a black Americano, a frothy cappuccino, a glass of iced coffee, or a shot of caffe at the end of a meal. Europe is very particular on the quality of their coffee beans. and is a level up from what is common in the States. So please drink your caffeine when you visit this part of the world.


Karamela Sweets

I first had a Karamela candy at CONTE restaurant in Persat, it was given to me with my caffe. I instantly fell for these little hazelnut caramel sweets. I know that this is a common inexpensive sweet in this part of the world, but I really liked it. You do not know how good you have it, Balkans.


I purchased three bags of Karamela Lesnik with the intentions of giving several of my friends back home a few pieces. Well as you see, I got into them. I have no regrets.


Seafood Dishes in Kotor Bay

Considering Kotor Bay’s main water source is the Adriatic Sea, eating fish and seafood here was an obvious decision. I did that for every major meal while in Montenegro, minus the prosciutto or ham sandwiches that I also ate. I would not mind becoming a pescatarian if I lived along the Kotor Bay, with their fresh catches every day.

From a tomato based shrimp risotto to prawn stuffed gnocchi, the inventive ways of serving their local catches were outstanding. Montenegro is a seafood lovers dream come true- it was for me.


Traditional Perast Cake – Seaside Dessert

The medieval village of Perast is one of many little towns that dot the Kotor Bay. It is a charming pedestrian town, with small alley ways that resembles a petite Kotor. Perast is accessible by car or by boat, but the most scenic way is by boat.


If you know me, then you know that I enjoy anything made with almond flour or almond meal. The Perast Cake is a dense and delicious dessert made from almond flour, it was simple yet magnificent. I enjoyed this slice sitting a long the bay at CONTE Restaurant after finishing an outstanding seafood lunch.

CONTE Restaurant is located in front of the charming Hotel CONTE along the promenade. For hotel or restaurant information, please visit their official website- Hotel Conte 

For my complete review – CONTE Restaurant | Perfection in Perast, Montenegro


Many Drinks in Montenegro

From vodka tonics to sipping local wines, drinking here and there is just a part of who I am. I do not think about it much, and do not care what others think. A woman traveling alone and drinking? Yes, that is me!

You can learn a lot about a region from their alcohol, just as much so from their food. Beverages are both a historical and an integral way of looking at a countries culture. It is also a fun and relaxing way to educate yourself.


I get to travel, see the world, meet people, and be independent. I feel blessed.

– Bar Rafaeli
Yours Truly in Montenegro

🌎 Thank you for visiting my webiste and NEVER STOP EXPLORING

📸 All photos are mine and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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