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The Olde Pink House – Modern Southern Cuisine within a Savannah National Landmark

Within my travels of close to fifty countries and almost all fifty states, one of my definite interests has been dining in historical haunts. Savannah has its share of restaurants in historical buildings, The Olde Pink House being one of them. This lovely Southern Cuisine restaurant sits inside a stately Georgian mansion that dates back to the late 1700s and is a National Historical Landmark in Savannah.

There is a lot of history to to the old Habersham House (original family) with a lot of interesting stories. One story being why the house is pink, as it was not originally painted or wanted to be pink. Although, I think it aesthetically pleasing to the eye with the palms and ferns. It almost has a tropical or Southern Californian feel to it.

The house started off with painted white plaster over the native red brick. Well, as we know white and red make pink. That is what happened soon after the exterior was plastered and painted, the red brick bled through. Despite how many times the house was painted white, it always mysteriously turned pink.

For more information: The Olde Pink House – History Revisited

Each room inside the old mansion has been turned into a dining room with traditional furnishings, fabrics and antiques. There are also ghosts who roam the house as The Olde Pink House is noted as one of Savannah’s most haunted. Not only do you get to dine within a National Landmark, eating creative Southern food but you also get to roam the rooms with specters of the past. While lunching at The Olde Pink House, I did not see ghosts but my radar might have been turned off that day.

Prior to my arrival, I had checked out the menu online and was very excited at the Southern choices with a modern upscale twist. I decided on trying several of their most notable dishes such as the Blue Crab Beignets, Southern Sushi and the Fried Green Tomatoes. All of these dishes were appetizers and not entrées. I figured that I would wait for my return to indulge on their entrées.

The Olde Pink House also offered an impressive cocktail menu which also excited me! It was 11:00 AM which meant this lunch would include some day drinking, something that I am not shy about! I decided on The Pink Lady which was simply fresh squeezed lemonade and Absolut Raspberry Vodka. It was both refreshing and misleading since you could not taste the vodka- It was one devil of a drink!

Breadsticks in an old fashioned Maison jar

One of the first items to appear on the table besides that devil of a drink, was an old fashioned Maison jar with long stem bread sticks. These carby nibbles were very helpful considering that I was already sipping on lemonade and raspberry vodka.

The Blue Crab Beignets are one of The Olde Pink House’s specialties and have been recommended over and over. If anyone can do a beignet, it is the South and these Blue Crab Beignets were legit. When you first glance at these delicious beignets, they are a bit deceiving. They look like a hush puppy and quite heavy but once you break one open or take a bite, they are a true beignet. These divine edibles are fluffy and flaky with a non-overpowering taste of blue crab- so heavenly! The dipping sauce was just as tasty, Old Bay Seasoning and Lemon. How else would you eat blue crab but with Old Bay and lemon?

Southern Sushi

After reading about The Southern Sushi, I wanted to try it. I have been a sushi eater since I was a Los Angeles teen in the 1980s. I also have an extreme appreciation for Southern Cuisine, especially while visiting the south. This delectable roll was a playful twist on a Japanese Tempura Roll using grits instead of rice. The full dish was shrimp and grits rolled in coconut crusted nori. As I was eating, I was thinking “Okay, I see it. I can taste what they were mimicking”. It was both creative and impressive, I also recommend it.

Fried Green Tomatoes

The fried green tomatoes at The Olde Pink House are one of their popular dishes and were also a ‘must eat’ for me. I love these crispy tangy morsels when they are prepared correctly. I have tried my share of unpalatable fried green tomatoes. So I appreciate when I am offered a dish of fried green perfection! The tomatoes were not oily and the cornmeal batter was done well. I loved the saltiness and crispness of the Applewood bacon along with the Sweet Corn Cream that the tomatoes were placed on. In my opinion, that is what made this dish; the balance of the flavors and the textures were remarkable.  

The Olde Pink House was magnificent lunch experience! Not only for their delectable Southern comfort food but for the hospitality, atmosphere and the mansion’s historical value. May this Old Pink House live for another three hundred years in whatever evolution it takes on, although I do enjoy it as a restaurant!

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For restaurant information and reservations, please visit their official website The Olde Pink House


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