Afternoon Tea at the OXO Tower Restaurant in London, England

The first time I saw the OXO Tower was a moment or two before I took the photo below. I was cruising down the Thames River, and spotted the building that I had read about in my London book guides. It set in motion a curiosity to one day visit it, and possibly dine at the rooftop restaurant and bar.

OXO Tower Building in London – 2009

Over the years I had traveled back to London again and again, but never step foot into the OXO Tower Building. If you have ever been to London then you understand why, as there are so many things to see and do that it can become overwhelming. After a decade of traveling into England, I finally made it a point to have afternoon tea at the rooftop restaurant that overlooks the Thames River. It was the brilliant experience that I was hoping for.

—— Afternoon Tea Service ——-

I made a reservation for one, which is not uncommon for me as a solo traveler. I rarely wait for others especially if I want to try a place out, or travel somewhere. Having afternoon tea at OXO was one of those places. Although I would have loved to come in with my adult daughter, or one of my tea loving friends. It was just me, and I really do enjoy my own company.

OXO Classic Champagne Cocktail

If offered, I typically start off afternoon tea with a glass of champagne. Better yet a champagne cocktail, which I certainly prefer. I like to arrive early to any dining establishment, so I can just order a cocktail. This was no exception, and I ordered the OXO Classic Champagne Cocktail. It was strong but delicate, and marvelous. Think Courvoisier VSOP Cognac infused with orange peel, vanilla, and bitters. Then lightly sweetened and charged with OXO Champagne.


— Afternoon Tea Menu | Summer 2019 —

OXO Afternoon Tea Menu – Summer 2019. *Price in GBP

The afternoon tea menu was classic with scones, finger sandwiches, savouries, and desserts. After reading the menu, I became quite excited to try everything especially the savories and finger sandwiches, which are my favorites. Every country adds their own twist to the savories, in this case it was a Mini Yorkshire pudding and Scotch egg.


— Harvey Nichols Tea Menu —

A cup and pot of Harvey Nichols Earl Grey Tea.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Harvey Nichols Tea on the menu, even though OXO chose not to use loose leaf tea. If you are not familiar with Harvey Nichols, it is a posh department store on Knightsbridge, close to Harrod’s. It is a spectacular multi-level shopping experience, and their fine foods department is excellent.


— Savouries and Tea Sandwiches —

Splendid savouries and tea sandwiches

The first part of OXO’s tea service made its appearance on a traditional tiered platter with the condiment assortment on the top. Then the appetizing savouries in the middle, and last but not least, the classic finger sandwiches.


— Finger Sandwich Assortment —

Traditional Tea Sandwiches

English Cucumber, anchovies, wholemeal bread

Cotswold Egg and Mustard cress salad, English farmhouse bread

Mrs. Kirkham’s Lanchashire cheese and orchard chutney, tomato bread

Wiltshire ham, watercress, mustard, English farmhouse bread

Severn & Wye smoked salmon, dill creme fraiche, granary bread

A few of my favorite things in life are finger sandwiches or tea sandwiches. I love the delicate flavors, and the softness of each bite. Then when sipped with tea it creates a euphoric calmness.


— Extraordinary Condiments —

Sweet mustard and dill mayonnaise

OXO piccalilli

Gentleman’s Relish

I have experienced afternoon tea all over the world, and this was the first time that condiments made a lavish appearance. I asked what condiments went with what savory, and my server said it was up to me, no rules really. I will say that I loved each of them as they were all different, and fun trying different combinations on the savory foods.


— Savouries Course —

Sumptuous Savories

Mini Yorkshire pudding

Potted crayfish

Dorset crab, choux bun

Seven & Wye smoked salmon, Scotch quail’s egg

Savouries are one of my favorite parts of afternoon tea besides the finger sandwiches. Everywhere I have been and experienced afternoon tea ,the savouries were all different, creative, and fun. OXO offered very interesting savouries that were all quite British.


— Potted crayfish —

I am not a huge fan of crayfish, but I did try a nibble of this dish, and left it after that nibble. I did devour the brown bread toasts though.


— Mini Yorkshire Pudding —

Close up of the Mini Yorkshire pudding- Braised beef, horseradish cream, watercress

This was one of my favorites simply because I love Yorkshire pudding. If you are not familiar with Yorkshire pudding, it is actually a bread, not the creamy dessert pudding we have in the states. It is made with using beef drippings from the roast beef that it accompanies. This miniature version was impressively created, and delicious to taste.

— Scones and Pastries —

Penny’s homemade scones, preserves and clotted cream


Pastry and Dessert Selections

Apple mousse, rhubarb compote

Lemon Cheesecake, carrot jam

Coffee chocolate tart, caramel meringue


So once again, my gastronomic affair with afternoon tea and travel and continues. This is a lifestyle, and a very good one at that.

To experience OXO Tower’s afternoon tea, please visit their website for information: OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar & Brasserie

For my Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of OXO Tower Restaurant, Bar And Brasserie on Yelp

Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it…

Yours Truly, Trixie

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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