Hummus at Hashem Restaurant- The Best in Amman, Jordan

I will admit that dining where the King of Jordan, locals, and tourists eat the best hummus in Amman was a great experience. It gave my friends and I the opportunity to feel like a local, all while being part of the night life in the capital city of Jordan. We sat around casual tables in an open-air restaurant, and ate the best hummus and falafel in the country. Some may be bold enough to say that it is the best hummus in the world.

Me (white shirt) eating well at Hashem

Hashem in downtown Amman offers everyone who visits fresh and tasty Middle Eastern food, the way locals have done it for decades. Different types of falafel, pita bread, vegetables, sauces, and the creamiest hummus with local olive oil are served every day, 24 hours a day.

Hummus with Olive Oil

To this day, I have not had hummus this delicious during all my travels. The hummus in the States does not even compare, as the ingredients and olive oils are not from Jordan. I have always said that food always has certain flavors depending on the local environment- the soil, weather, and even the micro-climates. Plus, Hashem has their own way of cooking falafel and hummus that makes it stand out from the rest.

Although I have been eating and making falafel since the 90s, Hashem was the location that I tried my now favorite style of falafel for the first time. I have only found it in served in restaurants in this part of the world, which also included Egypt. When I found green onion falafel in Sharm El-Sheik, Egypt, and opened it up to find the beautiful green color inside; I was instantly transported to Hashem in Jordan. Green onion falafel is the best style of this traditional Middle Eastern dish. The onion flavor brings these crispy chickpea bites to whole other level.


I have reviewed and written over a thousand restaurant reviews while traveling the United States and the globe. There are three things to look for in a place to eat- taste of food, the atmosphere, and the service. Hashem has it all. Their traditional food is fresh and flavorful, the atmosphere is truly a casual locals hang-out fit for a king, and the service is fast and friendly. Hashem is a place where people from all walks of life get together and share something we all have in common- the love of good food.

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Hashem is located at Al-Amir Mohammed St Downtown, Amman 11110, Jordan. If you are not with a tour group and want to visit it on your own, just tell your taxi driver to bring you to “Hashem restaurant”. It will be easier than giving them the address, since everyone knows where it is located.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience…

– James Beard

Yours Truly in Amman, Jordan

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