The Wild Plum Tea Room | Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Hidden within the Smoky Mountains of Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a little gem of place called, The Wild Plum Tea Room. Locals had suggested this restaurant to me, thinking that I would enjoy it, and they were correct. This dining experience was exactly what I was looking for during my day trip to Gatlinburg. It was charming, unique, and served flavorful dishes with fresh ingredients. I would travel back to Gatlinburg from the west coast just to eat here again, there is no doubt about that. I have traveled for a good meal before, so it will happen.

A Scrumptious Lobster Pie

When I first arrived to the restaurant, I was not sure if I was at the correct place. I had lived in Missouri for a decade, and pulling up to the tea house reminded me of common homes out in the country. It was similar to a simple family house, nestled in the trees with a dirt driveway. I did double check and this was it, perfect.

The feel of the whole restaurant was similar to being invited into someone’s country home. The furnishings were charming with dark wood furniture, crochet table cloths, and a myriad of china patterns. I loved the feeling of the tea house, and it was something that one would expect in this part of the country.

The Plum Tea Room has been noted as one of Tennessee’s Top 10 Restaurants, as well as receiving a Certificate of Excellence on TripAdvisor. The key to visiting is knowing the days and hours that The Wild Plum Tea Room is open. As of the day that I posted this blog, they are only open for lunch 11-3pm from Thursday thru Saturday. Please check their website for reservations and their current hours – The Wild Tea Room.

When reviewing a restaurant, there are three things to keep in mind- the atmosphere, the service, and the food/ beverage. As for what I ate and drank at The Wild Plum Tea House, I was very impressed by everything.

Their menus do change, which always makes things more exciting. What I loved about this restaurant was their sense of family when choosing the food to be served. All of the recipes come from their community of relatives, friends, neighbors, and fellow artists. There is a sense of pride and love when it comes to this tea house, and they definitely keep things real.


Food Journal – My Lovely Lunch in Pictures

Soup of the Day

Cream of Asparagus and Wild Rice Soup


Lobster Pie

Whole claw lobster of fresh Maine Lobster in an artichoke cream sauce, topped with a perfect puffed pastry crust. Served with a sweet pea, horseradish and dill cream salad.


Salad and Soup Samples

I was very interested in the stories and recipes of The Wild Plum Tea Room. My friendly server kindly brought out samples of the salads and soup of the day. I was very impressed by the freshness and different flavors of every tasting. Plus the presentation was adorable, with all the mismatched votives and pedestal bowls- love!


Wild Plum Tea

To finish things off, a cup of their famous tea served with homemade mini tea cakes and wild plum jam. You can not leave the tea house without trying their wild plum tea, either hot or cold. It is a delightful tasting tea that you will surely enjoy!


Handwritten Bill

When I mentioned keeping things real and this restaurant being charming, this is a fine example. A sweet handwritten bill served on red and white toille china.


For restaurant location, information and menu, please visit their website: The Wild Plum Tea RoomReservations are recommended.

Eat Well, Travel Often…

Yours Truly in the Smoky Mountains National Park

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