The Grand Cafe | Luxurious Dining in Minsk, Belarus

The Grand Café in Minsk, Belarus was so very grand! This luxurious and sumptuous restaurant was one of the most beautiful old world dining establishments of its kind, that I have been to in Eastern Europe. One of my other favorite grand cafes was Gundel Restaurant in the heart of Budapest, Hungary.

Minsk, Belarus – One of the top cleanest cities in the world.

Grand Café is located in Belarus’s capital, Minsk, which over the years has been awarded one of the cleanest cities in the world. This city’s high standards of pristine conditions has transferred well into the cuisine at the Grand Café. It was an extraordinary dining experience from the beginning until the very end.

The grand enterance of the Grand Café

Through those doors is where I spoiled myself in the city of Minsk, in the most elegant of ways. The Grand Café has the opulent feel of Eastern European aristocracy imbedded into every detail. From the handsome servers sporting white coats, to the rich and classic interior, and up to the fine cuisine served. This grand style café is one of the best in Eastern Europe.

-On the Table –

I found the classic cuisine served at the Grand Café to be tasteful and beautifully presented; I truly enjoyed this grand meal. 🍽

— Mimosa —

Moments after I was seated for lunch, I was offered a Mimosa. It was a very classic way to begin a very classy spread.

— Chicken Kiev —

For my main lunch entrée, I decided on the Chicken Kiev which was accompanied by fresh green beans, and herbed potatoes. I was ecstatic to see this popular regional dish on the menu, as I had been wanting to try it in this part of the world. It was a magnificent tasting and well presented Chicken Kiev.

I have tired Chicken Kiev in the States, and also attempted to make it, but it never came out this perfect. This dish is tricky because it needs to be rolled and cooked perfectly, so that the melted butter oozes out when sliced.

— Seasonal Asparagus —

I am a seasonal asparagus buff, and if you have read my other restaurant reviews and food blogs, you may have seen an abundance of asparagus pictures. The fresh asparagus served at the Grand Café was perfectly prepared, and served with a pat of herbed butter. It was simple yet delectable.

— Blueberry Cream Cake —

There are times when I ask my server to suggest a dessert or to surprise me with what they suspect I would like. I have never been disappointed. Such as in this case, I asked my server which dessert he would suggest, and then he asked me if I wanted to try something different. So of course I said “Yes”, as I am always up for something different. He brought out an extraordinary Blueberry Cream Cake, that was as delightful as it was beautiful.

When I was at the half-way point, my server returned and asked if I was enjoying my cake. I gave him a thumbs up and a big nod because my mouth was full of this divine blueberry dessert.

— Caffe Espresso —

One of the nicest way to end a great meal is with an espresso. In the Italian culture, it is believed that a shot or two will help with your digestion. I believe that, since this caffe espresso certainly satisfied the fullness of my meal.

As a traveling gastronome, this is one restaurant that I would travel back to Belarus for. I found the Chicken Kiev served here to be the best that I have tried, but would not mind tasting other menu options. If their Chicken Kiev was as excellent as it was, It makes me curious on their other fine dishes.

For restaurant information and location, please visit their Facebook page – Grand Café

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Yours Truly in Minsk, Belarus

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