Grand Eating at the Grand Nile Tower | CAIRO, EGYPT

A grand stay with grand cuisine – During our last few days in Cairo we stayed at the Grand Nile Tower that sits along the banks of the River Nile. This is one of Cairo’s most luxurious hotels, and all in all we found it a nice place to stay. Although my friends and I had some interesting experiences with a staff member, but that is another story with a video!

View from our balcony

Do I recommend it? Yes, I do. For the price point and location this is a wonderful hotel, and the food served here is top-notch. We enjoyed everything that we ate, and the views from our room balcony were gorgeous.

Greetings from our Grand Nile Hotel room!

Although this hotel does not directly advertise it, the majority of their guests are of Muslim faith. You will see many sheiks, as well as women wearing various headscarves and face coverings. This did not matter to my friends and I, as it should not matter to anyone who is visiting Egypt. I thought I would mention this because since there is a predominant amount of Muslims here, that means there is no alcohol served at this hotel.

If you are in the need of an alcoholic drink, there are other international hotels close by that serve it. The Four Seasons is across the way, and since they are an international hotel you can purchase a drink there. While staying at the Grand Nile Hotel, we decided to play it dry.


Coffee and the Nile River

For our last few days in Cairo, we had a beautiful room that overlooked the Nile River. Every morning and every evening I would step out on the balcony, and just marvel at the city. This was great scenery for that morning cup of coffee.

Booking a room at the Grand Nile Tower was worth it just for the views of Cairo’s skyline. If you do book here, request a high level room with a full view of the Nile River.


Many Trips to Delices

I do believe that this patisserie was one of our favorite place to eat while staying at the Grand Nile Hotel. We came here many times, and did a lot of calorie damage. Oh how we do love our desserts and pastries.

Delices offered various slices of divine European style cakes, and other beautiful pastries. I really could not decide which I liked best since all of them were a treat while in Egypt. Although if I were to choose, it would be the Argental Cake, top right.


The Revolving Restaurant

It was our last dinner together after a couple of weeks exploring Egypt, and my longtime friends and I wanted to celebrate with a fine dining experience. Fortunately inside the Grand Nile Tower we found delicious places to eat including the Revolving Restaurant, which is where we had our last dinner together.

For dinner, I decided to go all out and order the Five Course Tasting Menu. I like to go all out especially while traveling because Lord knows that I do not eat like this on a daily basis. The International – French style cuisine was exceptional. Every course served was beautifully presented and flavorsome. I am glad that I went all out so I could taste many of the dishes that this popular Cairo restaurant served- Bon Appetit!

My Five Course Tasting Menu included:

🍽 Crusty European Bread to share

🍽 Blue Crab and Seafood Bisque

🍽 Warm Chicken Salad

🍽 Land and Sea

🍽 Mediterranean Sea Bass

🍽 Warm Chocolate Fondant

For my complete review and blog 👩🏻‍💻➡ Grand Nile Tower Resort’s Revolving Restaurant – Cairo, Egypt


Murgh Makhani and Jhinga Biryani

For a hotel restaurant in the middle of Cairo, they served phenomenal Indian food. We love Indian food and had not eaten it in quite awhile, so we ordered the Murgh Makhani and the Jhinga Biryani. Both dishes including the chutneys were marvelous, full of spice and flavor- Delicious!

Murgh Makhani – Chicken, tomato sauce, cream sauce and butter
Jhinga Biryani– Basmati rice with shrimps, saffron, ginger, coriander, mint and raisins
Papadum and Chutneys


Soup and Salad

During one of my meals at the Grand Nile Tower, I decided on something simple like a soup and salad. I do not think this hotel does anything simple because my dishes were superb.

My delicious and hearty bowl of fresh clam chowder in a rich flavorful broth was full of fresh clams and vegetables. I was also served an abundant bread and focaccia board with two tasty dips. My favorite was the hummus to the left.

This Rocca salad with shaved parmesan cheese was one of the most impressive that I have ever eaten. Rocca is what we call in English, arugula. I am very fond of arugula, and I love ordering it as a salad. The rocca served at the hotel was enormous. These leaves were the biggest that I have ever seen, and the freshly shaved parmesan cheese was just as big. I still dream of this salad.


Murgh Tikka

This was my favorite meal while staying at the Grand Nile Tower, and it was an Indian dish. I am a huge fan of Indian food and I do love a good Chicken Tikka. I thought the Indian dishes that we ordered a couple days prior were amazing, and I knew that I had to order this flavorful dish before I left Cairo.

The chicken arrived still bubbling and sizzling on the cast iron hot plate. It was accompanied with naan bread and chutneys. This was one memorable meal.

Murgh Tikka – Marinated chicken, yoghurt, chili and garam maslala


After our stay here in Cairo, we all parted ways. Both my friends left back for California, and I stayed on a little bit longer in Egypt. I flew to Sharm El-Sheikh where I stayed along the Red Sea for four days, and then I journeyed home. My friends and I loved our trip to Egypt and are already thinking about coming back to Cairo, Alexandria, and beyond. Until we meet again Egypt.

Not all those who wander are lost…

– J. R. R. Tolkien
Yours Truly in Old Cairo

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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