Corral de la Moreria – A Michelin Star and the World’s Best Tablao Flamenco

In Madrid, down a small quiet street, in a dark intimate restaurant, upon a small corner stage, a group of musicians and world renowned Flamenco dancers come together, and put on one of the best shows in the world. They have achieved top recognition as the “The Best Flamenco Tablao in the World” from the International Festival of the Cante de Las Minas, as well as many other awards.

What also makes this Tablao Flamenco the best is the world is that Corral de la Moreria has achieved one Michelin Star for their exquisite cuisine served with every show.

Michelin Guide: Corral de la Morería Gastronómico

Since 1956, Corral de la Moreria has not only been famous with the tourist and locals, many notable celebrities have spent an evening watching the best Tablao Flamenco. To name a few- Mariah Carrey, Ronald Reagan, Jennifer Aniston, Hugh Grant, Cybil Shephard, and the list goes on and on.

This was going to be a special evening for me. I decided that my last night on my first trip to Madrid, would finish off with the best Tablao Flamenco in the world. Also at a Michelin Star dining establishment, which happened to be under the same roof.


About the Chef: The gastronomic talents of Chef David Garcia, had earned a Michelin Star for Madrid’s restaurant Alboria in 2014. Shortly after he joined Corral de la Moreria where he united both the haute flavors of Spain with the hot intense flamenco dancers. What had been created was a distinguished evening for the senses- the impressive delicious dishes combined with the acclaimed Flamenco dancers and musicians. Bravo!

——On the Table ——

Ysabel de Mardrigal

Spanish White Wine

Considering I had chosen the salmon for dinner, I decided on ordering the Spanish white wine. It was a light and fruity wine that was very balanced, it paired well with both of my dinner courses. This would be my last glass of Spanish wine while in Madrid, since I was leaving the following morning. I may have wept a little.


A Basket of Bread

As the bread server made his rounds, I got to choose a couple of couple of Artisan rolls.

I love crusty fresh bread, especially when I get to choose. My favorite was the seeded roll on the left, it was very hearty. It may have seemed strange to others around me as I quickly turned on my light to take pictures of my bread, but I could not help it. Food to me is an experience, even when it comes to an artisan bread roll.


Dinner Menu for the Evening

The menu at Corral de la Moreria presented seasonal flavors and delicious creations. I was only able to choose one starter and one main course, which were very difficult decisions. I would have loved to try both the fish and chicken main courses.


Starter Course

“Coca” (Puff Pastry Base) filled with “Escalibada” which is roasted Aubergine onion and peper, goat chese with a rosemary flavored “Romesco” sauce.

This beautifully presented starter course was both flavorful and colorful. Every inch looked purposeful and if it took a long time to create. There were many different flavors and textures represented with each intense bite. I certainly enjoyed the goat cheese and the flavors of the escalibada- delicious!


Main Course

Salmon with crispy corn croquettes and sweet potato purée with boiled semolina.

This delicate filet of salmon was a succulent morsel. It had a slight crispness, but was flaky and tender at the same time. While in Spain you will find croquettes everywhere, and it was not a surprise that a little crispy corn croquette accompanied my main dish. I also enjoyed the sweet potato purée with boiled semolina, which gave it more texture. It was a nice sweet accompaniment to the salty flavors of the salmon and croquette.


Tablao Flamenco

Although we were allowed to film and take photos before and after the main show, we had to turn the cameras off when the big production started. This was my first time at a Tablao Flamenco, and I was thrilled and speechless. As a dancer in my youth and coming from a family of dancers, the impression of each Flamenco dancer astounded me. The stories each dancer told through their movements were intense and emotional, I enjoyed it greatly!

I was elated that my last night in Madrid was spent at Corral de la Moreria. This was my last night of a two month journey through Europe. I was heading back to the States the following morning. Enjoying this incredible dinner show was the perfect way to end my travels of educating myself with the culture and food of thirteen countries.


If you are to go to one Tablao in Madrid or in all of Spain, I certainly recommend Corral de la Moreria. Not just for the fine Tablao Flamenco, but for the outstanding dining experience. It makes for a remarkable evening.

For restaurant and show reservations, please visit Corral de la Moreria

Food is our common ground, a universal experience…

– James Beard
Yours Truly in Madrid, Spain

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