Elizabeth on 37th | Classic Upscale Dining in Savannah, Georgia

Elizabeth on 37th is a special place to dine for its inviting atmosphere, and its exquisite dishes. This restaurant is set inside one of many lovely Victorian mansions located in the city’s historic district. It is also one of several restaurants in Savannah that has turned the interior spaces of a mansion into a restaurant. The bones of this grand home are true to its former glory, while the interior design remains timeless and traditional.

Elizabeth on 37th

When you arrive, walk up the brick pathway, up the stairs, and enter through the glass double doors; you are greeted by the hostess within the home’s foyer. From the moment you walk into that Victorian mansion, the southern hospitality at Elizabeth’s is immeasurable.

The historic city of Savannah is saturated with delicious dining and Southern hospitality. Elizabeth on 37th has been one of Savannah’s gems since 198, serving delicious food and beautiful wines, all with that warm Southern charm.

—— On the Table ——


Zingara Prosecco – Venato, Italy


Tasting Menu – October 2020

Tasting Menu – October 2020


Southern Style Cheese Drop Biscuits

Three Southern style cheese drop biscuits, cold cut butter, and marmalade.


Maison Louis Latour 2018

French Chardonnay


Prince Edward Mussels

Two Prince Edward baked mussels topped with a crusted Cajun aioli; with bold flavors of kielbasa and Cajun spices.


Soup du jour

Creamed mushroom soup, with the base puree of local shitake, oyster, and cremini mushrooms. Plus a blend of cauliflower to thicken, onion, a touch of cream, and parmesan cheese.


Crab Cake

A delicate, and well flavored fresh crab cake with a touch of parmesan cheese and, set upon a bed of arugula.


Mixed Green Salad

Local greens with a mixture of herbs, fennel, basil, and parsley. Topped with Ambrosia apples, feta cheese, and drizzled with a light vinaigrette.


Gullah Crab Rice and Flounder

A dish of local Gullah-Geechee cuisine – a filet of flounder over Gullah crab rice. The flounder was oven baked, and topped with a creamy herbed sauce. Then set upon a traditional Gullah crab rice, made with bacon, corn, red pepper and fresh crab. The accompanied salad was simply comprised of cherry tomatoes, cucumber, and queso fresco.


Meyer Ranch Beef

Meyer Ranch naturally raised beef steak. A perfect cut of sirloin, crusted with pepper and ladled with Madeira cream sauce. It was accompanied by fresh lightly seasoned asparagus, and a side of layered new potatoes.


Dessert Menu


Montrachet Cheese Tart

A creamy cheese tart made with a hint of goat cheese, the, topped with a sour cream glaze, and garnished a sweet berry puree and strawberries


Even as a solo diner, I felt that hospitality and courteousness from everyone I came in contact with at Elizabeth’s. This beautiful manor on 37th Street is a place that you should experience at least once during your Savannah stay.

For my complete Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Elizabeth On 37th on Yelp

For restaurant information and reservations, please visit their official website: Elizabeth on 37th

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