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Elizabeth on 37th – Upscale Mansion Dining in Savannah, Georgia

“Mansion Dining” or “In the House Dining” depending on the home size as I like to call it, is something that I have always been charmed by. I have dined in former homes turned into restaurants and cafes on both sides of the world. Each room of the house from the living area, dining room to the bedrooms have been turned into separate dining areas. I am intrigued with the idea of re-using a former family home or mansion that has been turned into a restaurant, for the enjoyment of the masses. It is like if a Super Host of the property is welcoming everyone into their home saying, “Welcome in, have you eaten yet?”

Elizabeth on 37th

Elizabeth on 37th in Savannah, Georgia is one of many lovely Victorian mansions located in the city’s historic district. Also it is one of several that has turned her interior spaces into a restaurant. The bones of the home are true to it’s former glory while the interior design remains timeless and traditional. When you arrive, walk up the brick pathway, up the stairs and enter through the glass double doors; you are greeted by the hostess within the home’s foyer. From the moment you walk into that Victorian mansion, the southern hospitality at Elizabeth’s is immeasurable.

—— On the Table ——

Zingara Prosecco

One of my favorite ways to start off anything is with a glass of something. In this case while dining at Elizabeth’s, I started off with a glass of well deserved Zingara Prosecco. You see, prior to my arriving I had an insane day of destroying my phone and having to get it replaced. I had to reschedule my dinner reservation but I made it! I was dining solo after a stressful day and I needed this delicious glass of well deserved prosecco.


Tasting Menu – October 2020

Tasting Menu – October 2020

Depending on my appetite, I will always choose the Tasting Menu if it is offered. More often than always, I will also opt for the wine pairing. While dining at Elizabeth’s, I chose their tasting menu for $99. Unfortunately, I did not choose the wine pairing and I regretted it. Although I had a couple glasses of their impressive French Chardonnay, I should have stuck with my general rule of wine pairing. Elizabeth’s has an award winning wine program and I should have taken advantage of it. Maybe the day of destroying my phone put me in a absurd mindset? Well, I am still grateful for my dining experience at Elizabeth’s even without all that beautiful wine.


Southern Style Cheese Drop Biscuits

The first items that made their way to the table were three Southern style cheese drop biscuits, cold cut butter and marmalade. The biscuits were warm, flaky with the perfect cheeses baked in. Since it was only me dining, I did eat all of the biscuits with butter and that delightful marmalade. I really have no shame!


Maison Louis Latour 2018 – French Chardonnay

Although I did not partake in the wine pairing as I mentioned, I did indulge on a couple glasses of their French Chardonnay, Maison Louis Latour 2018. Although my home state of California brings to the table some top chardonnays, I cannot help myself if there is a French bottle offered by the glass! I loved this beautiful wine so much, I could have drank the bottle.

—- 🍽—-
Now I do not regret ordering the Tasting Menu as all the dishes were enjoyable and showcased classic Southern cuisine in glorious ways. From the Prince Edward mussles, to the regional Gullah rice and all the way up to the Montrachet Cheese Tart, everything was tasteful and presented beautifully.

Prince Edward Mussels

First on the tasting menu were a couple of brilliant Prince Edward mussels baked with a crusted Cajun aioli. The flavors were bold and inventive, as you could taste the layers of kielbasa and Cajun spices, along with the mussel. I have never tried a baked mussel with these flavors before and I enjoyed it very much!


Soup du jour

The Soup Du Jour or “Soup of the Day” happened to be one of my favorite soups. An impressive creamed mushroom soup was served and was perfect in every way. I have made creamed mushroom soup before but mine has never tasted this delicious! The base was a puree of local shitake, oyster and cremini mushrooms. Plus a blend cauliflower to thicken, onion, a touch of cream and parmesan cheese. The local shitake mushrooms in the soup were flawless. If I were to compare the texture with another food, I would say it was firm like al dente pasta. It was an extraordinary Soup Du Jour.


Crab Cake

I am fond of a good crab cake and this delicious number was made in house with local crab. It was delicate, well flavored with a touch of parmesan cheese and set upon a bed of arugula. I also have a fondness for the taste of arugula, so the combination of both flavors and varying textures were divine.

Mixed Green Salad

I have always fancied a good salad and I have always believed that one could measure a restaurant by the intentions they put into their dinner salads. As a former Vegan/ Vegetarian from the 1980s, I have an appreciation for local and seasonal produce. A good set of greens that are paired nicely with a light dressing to enhance rather than mask the produce flavors, can be life altering.

Their mixed green salad that was served was intoxicating for this vegetable lover. The local greens were topped with Ambrosia apples, feta cheese and drizzled with a light vinaigrette. The use of fresh herbs was marvelous and I had fun guessing the herbs used. There was a mix of fennel, basil and parsley which made each bite a different experience.


Gullah Crab Rice and Flounder

Upon arriving into Savannah, I briefly read about the indigenous people to the area and their style of cooking. I was hoping to find a place that served Gullah-Geechee cuisine in my brief week long visit of the area. Ask and you shall receive as one of the courses from the Tasting Menu was a filet of flounder over Gullah crab rice. The flounder was oven baked and topped with a creamy herbed sauce. Then set upon a traditional Gullah crab rice, made with bacon, corn, red pepper and fresh crab. The accompanied salad was simply comprised of cherry tomatoes, cucumber and queso fresco. It was a delightful dish that was light and full of flavors.


Meyer Ranch Beef

Last but not least was the Meyer Ranch naturally raised beef steak. This elevated meat and potatoes course was incorporated with a perfect cut of sirloin, crusted with pepper and ladled with Madeira cream sauce. It was accompanied by fresh lightly seasoned asparagus, my favorite vegetable, and a side of layered new potatoes. It was an excellent meat course from an already exceptional Tasting Menu.


Dessert Menu

I am a Dessertatarian and love knowing the fact that at the end of every exquisite meal, there is a luscious dessert waiting for me. Elizabeth’s dessert menu looked heavenly and I had a difficult time choosing just one. I asked my server for advice, she suggested the Cheese Tart and it was the perfect suggestion.


Montrachet Cheese Tart

I truly enjoyed the Montrachet Cheese Tart which was similar to a cheesecake but with a hint of goat cheese. This creamy slice of deliciousness was topped with a sour cream glaze and served with a berry puree. It was a divine ending to a luxurious and hospitable dining experience.


The historic city of Savannah has a plethora of delicious dining with Southern hospitality. Elizabeth on 37th has been one of Savannah’s gems since 1981, serving both delicious food and that warm Southern charm. Even as a solo diner, I felt that hospitality and courteousness from everyone I came in contact with at Elizabeth’s. This beautiful manor on 37th Street is a place that you should experience at least once during your Savannah stay.

“Steak and its accompaniments – wine, vegetables, potatoes and generous desserts – is a primal source of pleasure to which many people can relate.”

For my complete Yelp Review, Read Trixie N.‘s review of Elizabeth On 37th on Yelp

For restaurant information and reservations, please visit their official website: Elizabeth on 37th


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