The House of Nicolae Ceauşescu | Discovering Romania

When I had first posted my photos on social media of my visit to the House of Ceauşescu, I got mixed reviews after my Romanian-American friend re-posted them. The thoughts of some were upsetting, especially for her friends that had lived through Nicolae Ceauşescu's dictatorship regime. My friend had explained that it was more informative… Continue reading The House of Nicolae Ceauşescu | Discovering Romania

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Vizcaya Museum & Gardens | Miami, Florida

As a person who always had a fascination with art, design, antiques and landscape architecture, I was enthusiastic to visit the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens. I have traveled to Europe many times over, studying and admiring the craftmanship of centuries of architectural styles and walking through lush extravagant gardens. I was looking forward to see… Continue reading Vizcaya Museum & Gardens | Miami, Florida