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Great Smoky Mountains National Park – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

My sun is in Capricorn (an earth sign) and my moon, rising and Jupiter are in Sagittarius. What does all of that mean? It pretty much means that the desire for me to travel, be free and in nature, particularly mountains is instinctual. Being surrounded by a mountain range is grounding for me. So the… Continue reading Great Smoky Mountains National Park – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Mingo Falls | Exploring North Carolina

I am not shy when it comes to road tripping and exploring on my own, within reason of course. While I was checking out the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, I decided to head into the Cherokee Indian Reservation and explore Mingo Falls. Also known as Big Bear Falls by the Cherokees, heading to this… Continue reading Mingo Falls | Exploring North Carolina

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Zion National Park | Exploring Utah

Since the first time we had stepped inside Zion National Park back in 2010, this magnificent valley in Utah has been a favorite. I have come back several times with friends to hike the Emerald Pools trail, the Narrows and find a sense of grounding. My now adult daughter hikes, camps here with friends and… Continue reading Zion National Park | Exploring Utah

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Denali National Park & Preserve | Exploring Alaska

Denali is the national park that is on everyone's list! I know this because everyone has told me that they have either wanted to come here or they have already been to Denali. I have been to many national parks throughout this country of ours and Denali National Park was one of my favorites. It… Continue reading Denali National Park & Preserve | Exploring Alaska

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Canyonlands National Park | Exploring Utah

Canyonlands is an extraordinary national park in Utah that is located close to the town of Moab, and over two hours south of Arches National Park. There are numerous canyons, mesas and buttes that contribute to this park's magnificent landscapes. Canyonlands is a terrific place for hikers, nature lovers, campers and road trippers. It is… Continue reading Canyonlands National Park | Exploring Utah