Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol | Discovering Ireland

Main Hall When I toured Kilmainham Gaol, walked its gloomy corridors, and peered into the grim cells through its peep holes, I could feel its sadness within its walls. Although this former Dublin prison is now empty, one could only imagine the anguish it once held; all the men, women, and children (as young as… Continue reading Dublin’s Kilmainham Gaol | Discovering Ireland

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“The Rock” Alcatraz Island – San Francisco | Exploring, California

Alcatraz Island, AKA "The Rock", has been many things over the past couple of centuries- from a Native American territory to a tourist destination. This small island located in the bay of San Francisco¬†was initially developed with a lighthouse, which is considered the oldest lighthouse on the west coast. It was also a military fortification,… Continue reading “The Rock” Alcatraz Island – San Francisco | Exploring, California