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New Orleans – NOLA | Discovering Louisiana

New Orleans, or simply NOLA, is a city like no other in the United States. It has a culture unique to the area- combined with its architecture, cuisine, music, and a bit of Voodoo magic, it is intriguing in every way possible. When I had visited it was during the summer months, it was raining… Continue reading New Orleans – NOLA | Discovering Louisiana

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Bodie State Historic Park | America’s Best Ghost Town

Bodie, California- When I say the words "Ghost Town", what thoughts come into your mind? A piece of the American Old West that sits in decay, barren, and dilapidated. A once thriving mining community with gun fights, bar brawls, and brothels that now sits idle in the middle of nowhere, with an occasional tumble weed… Continue reading Bodie State Historic Park | America’s Best Ghost Town