Glendalough Monastic Site | Exploring Ireland

Ireland has been one of my favorite countries to visit due to its lush green landscapes, and natural beauty that I have been back several times over. One of my favorite locations is Glendalough, meaning "two lakes", and is located on the east coast within County Wicklow. The landscapes are awe-inspiring with trails to take,… Continue reading Glendalough Monastic Site | Exploring Ireland

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A Day in Gatlinburg | Exploring Tennessee

For us people who road trip, we also day trip. There are towns or cities along the way that we can only spend a waking day in. While I was exploring The Great Smoky Mountains, the city of Gatlinburg was that day trip for me. Autumn in Gatlinburg I had started off in Cherokee, North… Continue reading A Day in Gatlinburg | Exploring Tennessee