Bucharest the ‘Little Paris’ | Discovering Romania

The city of Bucharest has been referred to as 'Little Paris' since the 1900s, which was a period when the French lifestyle and architecture were very influential to the city. I have been to both Bucharest and Paris, and I did see the similarities with many buildings and monuments. That was as far as I… Continue reading Bucharest the ‘Little Paris’ | Discovering Romania

U.S. National Parks

Gateway Arch National Park | Exploring Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri- The Gateway Arch National Park is unlike its sister parks of Yosemite, Zion, or Yellowstone, which are glorious wonders of nature. This significant national park located in the heart of Saint Louis, Missouri is a reminder and acknowledgement of America's expansion to the West. It holds an importance and remembrance to those… Continue reading Gateway Arch National Park | Exploring Missouri