Amman’s Ancient Roman Amphitheatre – Discovering Jordan

I have often said to people, “The Romans were everywhere!”. During their empire which last about 500 years, ending in 476 CE, they had constructed many remarkable city structures that still stand today. One type of Roman structure that I have always enjoyed visiting are the theatres, and I cannot help but think of the programs and speeches made from these sites. I have always appreciated watching anything performed on a stage, so checking out old and ancient theatres around the world has always been a great experience.

Roman Amphitheater

In the capital of Jordan, Amman, there is a Roman Amphitheatre that dates back to the 2nd century when the city was known as Philadelphia. On one of the pillars there is a Greek inscription indicating that the amphitheater was built in honor of Emperor Antoninus Pius (138-161 CE). There are 6,000 seats to this theatre, and was built into a hillside with its orientation to the north, in order to keep the sun off the spectators.

Greetings from the Roman Theater!

Although far from the stage, the highest section of seats in the theatre are known as “The Gods” (British English). The sightlines are excellent here apparently, and the performers can be clearly heard due to the steepness of the cavea. I can certainly say that the theatre was steep, as well as its tall stone steps heading up to the “The Gods”.

Steep and slippery stone steps

Today the theatre is still in use and a venue for different cultural activities, musical concerts and festivals. There have also been modern international artists performing here, including the American rapper Russ, who who held a concert on this stage in August 2019. Check out his performance on Youtube, it was an amazing scene within this ancient Roman amphitheater.

Stage and city view

The amphitheater and its museum are both open to the public for a small fee, and is located close to the historical Amman Citadel – The Ancient Amman Citadel | Discovering Jordan

For more information, please visit – Amman Roman Amphitheater

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Roman Theater

Theater stage


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