Advance to Boardwalk! | Discovering Atlantic City, New Jersey

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Advance to Boardwalk! For those who play Monopoly then you know the place; Boardwalk is the most expensive property with the highest in rent revenue. It is also reminiscent of Atlantic City’s own boardwalk, as well as all of the properties on the game board. The version of the game that we have come to know was based on streets of Atlantic City, with Boardwalk being its most affluent property.

This city’s boardwalk is also known as the birthplace of Salt Water Taffy, so I did have to visit for the candy and to say that I did ‘Advance to Boardwalk’!

Greetings from Atlantic City’s Boardwalk

I had come to Atlantic City when I was road tripping through New Jersey, and wanted to check out this historic oceanside city. It was a shell of its former glory, as being one of America’s top destinations with its golden age during the 1920s-30s. It was a bit shady, and I was told by locals not to walk the boardwalk or the streets at night, so I stayed inside my hotel. I did my wandering during the daytime, and I did not feel unsafe. I was just curious and wanted to experience it once in my life, to say that I did it.

Atlantic City Hotels (Claridge to the right)

During this resort city’s booming decades of the early 20th century, it saw enormous tourism with luxury hotels, including the Traymore Hotel, Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel, and the Ritz Carlton. The Claridge Hotel built in 1930 would become the tallest, and was once known as the “Skyscraper by the Sea”, at 24 stories high.

I decided to stay at the historic Claridge Hotel, and I will admit that it was a very pleasant stay along the boardwalk. Scroll for my review.

Atlantic City shoreline

Atlantic City started to decline after WWII, and it just kept snowballing especially after gambling was made legal. It has also been on the edge of economic collapse and bankruptcy. With all that said, the Boardwalk is still the safest area to be while in the city. Atlantic City was not that too bad, although pretty ghetto; but it was only a one time visit for me just to feed this curious cat.


Birth of Salt Water Taffy

One thing that I did want to try was the Salt Water Taffy. Growing up, there was always salt water taffy in the house because it was my mother’s favorite besides Milky-way candy bars. It was along the A.C. boardwalk where these chewy confections were invented back in 1883. So visiting the birthplace of this candy, picking them inside the old fashioned candy shops, and chewing them while on the boardwalk, played on nostalgia for me.

Salt Water Taffy on the Boardwalk

With all the seedy decline of the city, at least one can have an old-time pleasurable moment of salt water taffy along the boardwalk.

Since I wanted to indulge some, I went to two candy shops that sold salt water taffy- James’ Candy Company and Fralinger’s. The later of the two has been one of most popular brands since the late 1800s. Joseph Fralinger popularized his candy by boxing it, and marketing it as an Atlantic City Souvenir in about 1886.

Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy

Although it was James who refined the recipe, and made it less sticky with mechanizing the “pulling process”. He also cut the candy into bite-sized pieces, which made it easier to unwrap and eat.

James’ Candy Company

My final decision? I loved them equally and appreciated the flavors of both brands- why choose?

For my Yelp reviews:


The Claridge Hotel

Opened in 1930, the Claridge Hotel was known as the last hotel built of its era, and was fondly called the “Skyscraper by the sea”. It is also a non-gaming hotel, which made it quieter as well as the clientele. Throughout the century the Claridge Hotel has gone through many ownerships, phases, and has seen A.C. change from a once sprawling resort seaside city, to its current decline. I do love old places with history, which is why I chose it for my Atlantic City visit.

The Claridge Hotel

As for my stay, it was quite pleasant. The hotel is minutes from the boardwalk and is seaside, so when you walk out, you can smell the salty air. The interior of the hotel is comfortable and classic, decorated in rich wood furnishings with black and gold accents. My room was very spacious with a comfortable king size bed, and since it was just me the big room was glorious, considering I stayed in during the evenings.

For hotel information and reservations, please visit – The Claridge Hotel


The Twenties Italian Bistro

There are a few dining options at The Claridge including room service. I decided to dine at their best option, the Twenties Italian Bistro, and it was a great choice for me. Especially since I arrived late, and did not want to wander the unsafe Boardwalk at night for dinner!

Everything that I ordered was delicious and the service was amazing. The restaurant is very classic with traditonal fine dining decor to very large chandeliers. They offer a decent wine and champagne selection, which I ordered a lovely German Reisling.

For dinner I decided on three starters because I enjoy little dishes- French Onion Soup, House Made Lump Crab Cakes, and a side of asparagus. Everything was top notch, especially the cheesy French Onion Soup and the fresh Crab Cakes.

For my complete Yelp Review and restaurant information – Read Trixie N.‘s review of The Twenties Italian Bistro on Yelp


Central Pier Arcade & Speedway

Every boardwalk in America has an arcade, and I have been to plenty of them. Some are nostalgic fun, and some are just holding on. Central Pier Arcade along the A.C. boardwalk felt like it was just existing, and was only alive due to its eclectic games and Go Karts.

Central Pier Arcade

Now I did find the architecture of the building interesting, with its long entry corridor and black-white checkered flooring. The games were a mixed bag of claw machines, ski-ball, and slot machines- something for everyone, I suppose.

For my Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of Central Pier Arcade & Speedway on Yelp


Atlantic City Photo Gallery

Overcast Day – A.C. Beaches
Walk to the beach
James’ Salt Water Taffy
Atlantic City beach walk
Boardwalk businesses
Old and new hotels


A shore town without a boardwalk is like an ice cream cone without sprinkles…

– Cathy Newman
Yours Truly in Atlantic City

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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