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During my travels I have visited all sorts of museums including Eden Camp Modern History Museum, located in Malton, North Yorkshire, which was unlike other museums that I have been to. This is a family owned property that originated as a WWII prisoner of war camp, and for over 30 years has been a history museum with immersive displays of social and military history of the second world war.

Eden Camp, located on Eden House Road, was constructed in early 1942 to accommodate 250 Italian prisoners of war, who had been captured in North Africa by Allied forces. The camp had expanded to 45 huts, and more tented accommodations that could house about 1200 prisoners at a time. In the summer of 1944, German POWs were then held at the camp after the Allied invasion of Normandy.

Both the German and the prior Italian prisoners were given local agricultural work, and lived inside the Eden Camp huts. The German POWs were held here until 1948 when they were released three years after the war, and there are many interesting items that these prisoners had made while at the camp; such as artwork, puppets, and iron work (scroll for photos).

Diorama Scenes

Inside many of the huts are recreated diorama scenes of WWII, of both military and social context. There is also a significant collection of interesting artifacts such as sheet music, historic photos, POW and military items.

Eden Camp Modern History Museum is an intriguing and educational location to visit, especially for those who have an interest in WWII and history. It is seasonally opened, and they offer fun events during the summertime. For more information on visiting and events, please visit – Eden Camp Modern History Museum


Photo Gallery

One adult’s weekly ration

Punch & Judy puppets made by a German POW

“Fire Dogs” – made by German POW

Diorama German Shepherd

Sheet Music

Painting by a POW

Blackout cow

Eden Camp ice cream


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