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Skipton Castle located in North Yorkshire is a fine example of an English medieval fortified castle, with over 900 years of history. It was originally built in 1090 by a Norman Baron, Robert de Romile, as a motte and baily type castle, and was later rebuilt in stone to withstand Scottish attacks. Skipton Castle is considered one of the most complete and preserved English castles, with a Grade I Listing, which is a building with exceptional interest.

Castle Gatehouse

Skipton Castle was one of the first of many castles in Great Britain that I had visited, so it is quite special to me. It is a very impressionable place with its strong fortified stone walls, the gate enterance, drum towers, and its castle rooms and chambers. All have been greatly preserved for almost 1,000 years, and it is an incredible location to visit in England.

Tudor Wing

The layout of the castle well planned out with a Tudor courtyard, the Conduit Court, in the center. There is a lovely yew tree in the middle, which is said to of been planted by Lady Anne in 1659. The castle also contains six drum towers, rooms and chambers including the original kitchen, great hall, withdrawing rooms, the Lord’s bedchamber, as well as a beer and wine cellar.

Conduit Court and Yew Tree

Skipton Castle’s rich history is strongly intertwined with the Clifford family, who were granted the property in 1310 by Edward II. Robert Clifford was responsible for the fortifying of the castle, but had died during the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. The castle at the time of his death was barely completed, but was still able to withstand The Great Raid of 1312, when Skipton was raided by the Scots.

Chapel of St John the Evangelist – 12th Century (wiki)

During the English Civil War, the castle was the last Royalist stronghold in the North. It surrendered after a three year siege in 1645 with a negotiation from Oliver Cromwell and the Royalists. Skipton Castle was then greatly restored by Lady Anne Clifford, and today their banner flies over the castle with approval of the present Lord Clifford of Chudleigh.

Today the castle is a historic tourist attraction, in the bustling market town of Skipton. If you do find yourself in this town to visit its castle, please stop by one of my favorite chippies – Bizzie Lizzie’s. I had noted it as one of my favorites in my Fish and Chip Blog – Fish and Chips | The Love of a Good Chippy. Enjoy!

Skipton Castle is located at the top of Skipton High Street in North Yorkshire. For tourist information, please visit their website: Skipton Castle


Photo Gallery

Arrowslit in tower wall

Banquet Hall



Castle Grounds



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