Wadi Rum ‘Valley of the Moon’ – Jordan | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Exploring Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum in Jordan is beautifully referred to as the “Valley of the Moon”. That name came to life for me when I visited this sandstone desert in the Middle East. I had spent the day exploring the sands of Wadi Rum, which led to quietly watching the evening sunset, and finishing off by sleeping in a goat haired tent. Then the next morning, we were up bright and early to ride camels by sunrise. It was certainly one of my most memorable travel adventures, a definite once in a life time types of experiences.

Greetings from the goat haired tent (me on the right)

Wadi Rum was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2011, as the Wadi Rum Protected Area. The site is 74,000 hectares and was inscribed as a mixed natural and cultural site of Jordan, close to the border of Saudi Arabia. Within this desert lies 12,000 years of human existence and is testified through archaeological remains, petroglyphs and inscriptions. The tremendous desert landscape consists of natural arches, caverns, cliffs and narrow gorges. It is both aesthetically beautiful and culturally significant to human evolution.

Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, as well as a major filming location, the desert of Wadi Rum is a special place to visit. Both day time and night time offered incredible landscapes and off the beaten track adventures. The air was dry and the nights were cold, and we even had spouts of rain during the day. The two-tone contrast of the azure skies and the terra cotta sandstone was brilliant, and being a part of it was an enlightening experience.

Exploring Wadi Rum was either by truck or by camel, and I did both. We began our desert journey riding in the beds of 4×4 trucks, that had cushioned benches installed. The start of the ride was exhilarating until it started to rain, then it became unbearable.

All of the trucks came to a halt and we crammed inside like circus clowns inside a tiny car, now that was uncomfortable! Fortunately, it only rained for a short time which gave us dry desert time to watch a glorious sunset, and eat a delicious dinner of Zarb, while sitting around the campfire.

Standing around the campfire

Living in the desert since 2010, I have come to appreciate the colors and tranquility of a desert sunset. Watching the sunset in Wadi Rum was enchanting and peaceful, and an experience like no other. Sitting on the sands in silence, and watching the sun disappear behind the sandstone hills was something that I would never forget.

Exploring the ancient sands of Wadi Rum whether by truck, on foot or camel was a special experience for me as a globetrotter. These are the adventures that we look for in life- stepping out of our comfort zone, using all our senses, and being far away from home. Rihlat Saeida (happy journey)!

In Wadi Rum


Photo Gallery

Wadi Rum
Bedouin tent in Wadi Rum
Desert water
Spring water well
Lawrence of Arabia Movie Set


You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong…

– Sue Fitzmaurice
Yours Truly in Wadi Rum, Jordan

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