Riga’s Bastejkalna Park & Canal Cruise | Discovering Latvia

Bastejkalns Park

There is so much to love about Riga, and spending as much time as possible in this enchanting city is a must. I had visited Riga during the summertime in June, when the weather was at its best. The sun was shining, the temperature was quite warm, and everything was in bloom at Bastejkalns Park.

Canal Cruise Boats

I had spent several lovely afternoons in Bastejkalns Park, but there was one day that I decided to take a canal cruise along the winding Pilsetas Canal, that lead out into the Duagava River.

When our little boat steered right into the wide Duagava River from the labyrinth of small canals within the park, I was surprised. Well, shocked is a better word. It was exciting because it was unexpected, and I was smiling from ear to ear. I am quite sure I was that annoying person you see on a canal cruise, you know the one!

This city park is full of fun surprises besides the canal cruise and the Daugava River, although that would be my top pick. The canal boat sightseeing cruise, is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend an hour here. There was much to see along the canal banks, and it gave great perspective of the park. Best of all, the canal ride was relaxing.

Pilsetas Canal


Bastejkalns Park is a lovely and tranquil garden space in the center of Riga, which divides Old Town and the Central District. It was built in 1898 on Bastion Hill, the land of the former Riga Fortress, after its fortifications were demolished. The Pilsetas Canals, the narrow waterway that snakes through the park is the Riga’s old moat, which had once protected the fortress’s medieval walls from invaders.

Today, Bastejkalns Park is filled with lush lawns, beautiful gardens, and a wide variety of exotic trees. There are also several significant sculptures in the park including the Freedom Monument, which stands tall in the center of Bastejkalns Park. This impressive monument was unveiled on November 18th, 1935, and honors the soldiers who were killed during the Latvian War of Independence (1918 to 1920). It is an important symbol for Latvia’s freedom, independence, and sovereignty.

Freedom Monument (pixel )

Bastejkalns Park offers a quiet space within Riga, whether you want to stroll, sit on a park bench with a sandwich and people watch, or take a cruise along the canals. Spending time in this lovely green space just added another reason to my growing list of, why I grew to love Riga. I just love Riga. Enjoy!

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Underneath a canal bridge

Love Locks

Today is a good day for a GOOD DAY…

Yours Truly in Bastejkalns Park, Riga

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