Riga’s Astounding Art Nouveau Scene | Discovering Latvia

Ever since I could remember, I have always found interest in art history, architecture, and design. Even during my school days I looked into becoming an interior designer when I graduated high school, but my life went in a totally different direction.

That did not stop me from educating myself; not only through what I was reading and the courses I took, but through traveling. I needed to understand it through my senses. It is a great thing to read about architecture, art, and design, but it is far greater to take that knowledge, and see it first hand.

Throughout my travels, I absorbed everything I could from different architectural styles, interior design, archaeology, and art history. I started to see the correlation between it all, and how everything wove with the same energy from different periods, and countries. As the saying goes- Art is Life.

When I speak to people about travel, I ask them what their passion is because that is what you should travel for. Is it food, sports, a hobby? My passion for not only a good dining experience, but art, architecture, and design. These passions have brought me to many incredible locations.

One of those locations was Riga, the capital of Latvia. One of my favorite design periods is the Art Nouveau era, and when I had visited Riga, I was captivated by its phenomenal architecture. Walking through Riga’s Art Nouveau neighborhoods was one of the best experiences that I have had when it came to exploring architecture.

Building after building, everything was more beautiful than the last. The fine details, and colors of these buildings built during the height of the art nouveau era (1904-1914), and its preservation was astounding. It was magnificent!

Riga has the greatest concentration of Art Nouveau architecture in the world, as one third of all its buildings were built in this style. These buildings were constructed during a period of Latvia’s rapid economic growth.

Most of the Art Nouveau architecture was built in multi-story buildings and apartments, which made the details of design grander in scale. This style flourished in Riga since the city wanted to express its individuality, and a more thoughtful design than what dominated the 19th-century.

While I was on my walking tour of Riga’s Art Nouveau neighborhoods, we were shown several fine examples of the four different stages of the city’s Art Nouveau style: Eclectic, Perpendicular, National Romantic, and Neo-Classical.

Eclectic Art Nouveau
Perpendicular Art Nouveau
Neo-Classical Art Nouveau
National Romanticism Art Nouveau


After I was done touring the greatest Art Nouveau neighborhoods in the world, I stepped into the Art Nouveau Riga shop to do a little shopping. I say a little shopping because my luggage was not large enough for all that I wanted to purchase. This little shop in Riga is an extraordinary place for Art Nouveau jewelry, books, pottery, posters, reproduction pieces, décor, and hand crafted original items. There were many lovely things inside, and I did purchase a few items including a poster that I carried around in my luggage for a month more of travel!

Art Nouveau Riga store


If you are interested in Art Nouveau and architecture, traveling to Riga will be an enlightening experience. I recommend taking a walking tour with an experience guide. I had taken a 2.5 hour free walking tour (tip at the end) of the Art Nouveau neighborhoods, and it was excellent. For tour information, please visit- Riga Art Nouveau Free Tour

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My favorite candid photo of a woman smoking


Life is about moments, don’t wait for them, create them…

Yours Truly in Riga

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