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Although I do not have connections to any religious beliefs, I have always admired places of worship of any religion. I have visited numerous cathedrals and churches throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, and have loved them all. The history, energy, and period architecture of different places of worship, will always strike a cord in me that I will never tire from.

Greetings from Canterbury Cathedral

I had visited Canterbury Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on one of my many trips to England, and it was stunning. This glorious cathedral located in Canterbury, Kent is one of the oldest and most important Christian constructions in England. It was founded in 597, but completely rebuilt from 1070 to 1077.

Construction was continued to enlarge the cathedral during the 12th century in the Gothic style; which is a common architectural style with cathedrals throughout Europe and the UK.

Canterbury Castle was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988 as part of a complex, which includes the Church of St. Martin- the oldest church in England and the ruins of the Abbey of St. Augustine.  

There are centuries of rich layers to Canterbury Cathedral, which go back 1,400 years. It had experienced rebuilding from fire, Danish raids, Norman Conquests, world wars, and has been a strong part of England’s history.

The interior of the cathedral also exhibits layers of centuries- an 11th century Romanesque crypt, an early Gothic Quire from the 12th century, and a 14th century naive. The medieval stained glass windows are magnificent and depict bible stories with miracles.

There are literary connections as well to Canterbury Cathedral, through the tales of Thomas Becket. There is a standing spot in the cathedral where Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170. For those of you who are familiar with the Canterbury Tales, you will know the story about the Pilgrimages to Canterbury to pray at St. Thomas Becket shrine.

If you are interested in visiting Canterbury Cathedral, please remember that the church is an active parish and services are a priority.

For information on visiting hours, please visit their website-Canterbury Cathedral

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Yours Truly in Canterbury.

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