Palacio Real de Madrid – The Royal Palace of Madrid | Discovering Spain

During my travels, I have always found myself exploring castles, old fortress, and palaces; I suppose it is one of my travel obsessions. I have been to so many that I lost count a few years ago, but then again I was never counting. In my own mad way, visiting former royal residences has always been a personal pilgrimage of mine.

Greetings from Palacio Real de Madrid!

Visiting Palacio Real de Madrid was special for me because it was my first palace to visit in the country of Spain. I always try to visit at least one royal residence per country on my visits, and if I miss it I trust that I will return. I feel that it is important to visit historic locations such as castles or palaces, in order to understand what the past has left us with its former reigns. A country’s own style of grandeur, architecture, culture, art, and design can be found in such places.

My visit to Palacio Real de Madrid gave me a glimpse of Spanish royal life, as well an appreciation of the palace’s Baroque and Classicism architecture.

The Royal Palace is the official residence for the Spanish Royal Family in the city of Madrid, and is currently used for state ceremonies. The construction of this grand palace began in 1738 and was completed in 1755; it contains 3,418 rooms and has 1,450,000 of square feet. It is a fine example of Spanish power and opulence of its time.

The palace’s distinguished interior is a masterpiece of its own, room after room, the construction and materials used were astounding and opulent. The amount of wealth of art inside the Royal Palace is priceless, including paintings by Caravaggio, Francisco de Goya, Juan de Flandes, and Velazquez. The palace also houses the finest of frescoes by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo and Corrado Guiaguinto.

My favorite room inside the Palace

Inside Palacio Real de Madrid are many other significant collections including the Royal Armory of Madrid, periodical furniture, porcelain, silverware, watches, and the world’s only complete Stradivarius string quint.


🏰 When I visited the Royal Palace of Madrid, I skipped the long entry queue since I pre-purchased my ticket online. The Palace is one of the city’s most popular attractions, so it is recommended that you purchase your entry ticket online. It will save you time during your visit, and from standing in a long line.

For ticketing and visiting information – Royal Palace of Madrid

Palace Courtyard


Don’t just exists, wander and explore…

Yours Truly in Madrid – Salud!

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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