Beautiful Saint-Malo – A Pirate Town | Discovering Brittany, France

Saint-Malo is one of Britany’s most picturesque locations. The sandy beaches, cool sea breezes, and the charming walled city made this historic French port a stunning place to visit. Walking along the tops of the city walls of this former pirate city, and overlooking the coast of the English Channel was breathtaking. Then I did little dairy shopping at the famous La Maison du Beurre, and I was over the moon!

Beaches of Saint -Malo

Although Saint Malo is known as a popular tourist destination in Brittany due to its beautiful coastline, and old world charm; this ancient walled city had a shady past. It has a long and fascinating history of piracy, which I felt brought more intrigue to Saint Malo. Piracy is how this city earned much of its wealth from its local extortion, and adventures overseas.

Saint-Malo was notoriously known as a city of pirates and French privateers, who were sent out to raid vessels for monetary means. There is a museum in the city, the Privateer’s House, which is a ship-owners home built in 1725 that contains objects from the history of privateering, weaponry, and ship models.


The city of Saint Malo dates back further from its pirating days, as far back as the 1st century BC. It was an ancient town founded by Gauls, and known as the Roman Reginca or Aletum. The area had a long history with the Western Roman Empire, as well as an influx of Celtic Britons. It became a monastic settlement founded by Saint Aaron, and Saint Brenden during the 6th century.

City Walls

Today, Saint Malo is a well known seaside city, all free of pirates! The old town inside the fortified walls is inviting and a lively place to walk, go shopping, and have a meal. There are also sites of interest in Saint-Malo including forts, museums, the tomb of writer Chateaubriand, the Great Aquarium of Saint-Malo, and the Pointe de la Varde (natural park).

Old Town

One of my favorite places in Saint-Malo was the famous La Maison du Beurre (The House of Butter). I have an obsession with dairy, and this little shop behind its blue painted store front was sheer heaven for me. Monsieur Bordier founded his company in 1985, where he makes traditional butter by kneading it using a teak frame and wheel; a process that dates back to the late 19th century.

La Maison du Beurre

While at La Maison du Beurre, I did purchase a small wheel of local camembert, and tried to finish it with a baguette that evening. I think my eyes were bigger than my stomach, and I failed miserably. Sadly I had to toss out a chunk of that lovely French cheese because my room had no refrigeration. I would attempt it again in a heart beat though!

Beaches of Saint -Malo

My time in Saint-Malo was short, but memorable and unforgettable. The Brittany region of France is lovely, and the city of Saint-Malo is a big part of its beauty and heritage. I am looking forward to my return to this coastal town, and to buy more dairy at La Maison du Beurre!

For more information, please visit – Saint Malo Tourism


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