Teatro alla Scala – Milan’s Opera House| Discovering Italy

The façade of Milan’s beloved opera house looked unassuming to me at first glance, and I ended up walking by it three times, since it naturally blended in with the other neighborhood buildings. Although the exterior may have seemed quite ordinary, the interior of the theatre was one of the grandest that I have seen in Europe. Now my top favorite is the Palais Garnier in Paris, but La Scala definitely ranks in my ‘mental list’ of top European opera houses that I have been to.

La Scala, the celebrated opera house of Milan, has been regarded as one of the leading opera houses and ballet theatres globally. It was inaugurated on August 3, 1778 with the premier performance of Antonio Salieri’s Europa Riconosciuta. Over the centuries many of the world’s finest performers, and most of Italy’s greatest operatic artists have performed at La Scala.

The theatre is also home to the La Scala Theatre Chorus, La Scala Theater Ballet, La Scala Theatre Orchestra, and the Filmarmonica della Scala orchestra. Additionally, there is an associate school, the La Scala Theatre Academy, that offers professional training in dance, music, stagecraft and stage management.

Catching a performance at La Scala is the goal when visiting this historical theatre, but if your schedule does not permit it, you can take a tour and visit the museum. I had taken the tour of La Scala, and it was an extraordinary experience. My favorite part of the tour was visiting the theatre area, and standing in the “boxes of La Scala”. I figured that when I do return to Milan, and catch a performance at the theatre, I plan on sitting in one of the plush red boxes. I was just checking them out before hand!

For performance schedules and tour information, please visit – Teatro alla Scala


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