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It took me a course of numerous trips to New York City, and about eight years to visit the best museums The Big Apple has to offer. Museum Mile on 5th Avenue runs alongside Central Park in the upscale neighborhood of the Upper East End. Within twenty-two city blocks from 82nd St. to 104th St., holds one of the world’s best concentrations of first class museums.

Central Park

The Museum Mile is the mecca for art and culture devotees on the Western Hemisphere, I know it was for me. For those who are just as interested in art and culture, or if you are seeking suggestions of New York attractions, please read on. I have created a list of the outstanding museums that you will find along the magnificent Museum Mile- Enjoy!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The MET as it is fondly called is one of New York’s most popular art museum, and the largest on the Western Hemisphere. It contains one of the greatest collections with two million works of art from the stone age to the 21st century, from all around the globe.

There is much to see at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and you could easily spend a day viewing masterpieces, special collections, and exhibitions. This is one of the city’s most popular attractions for both locals and tourists alike. The que to enter can be quite long, and I suggest that you purchase your tickets online with a chosen an entry time, prior to your visit ➡ The MET Official Website

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The Frick Collection

The Frick Collection is housed inside an early 18th century French inspired mansion, and contains an extraordinary assembly of art from European Masters. Each room of this stately home is a masterpiece of its own with glorious wall coverings, upholsteries, and wood work; all which set the stage for the Frick’s brilliant collection of artwork.

There is no photography allowed except for the courtyard and fountain, which are pictured above. You will have to experience The Frick yourself in order to view its brilliant collection, and the mansion’s interior design.

For more information, please visit – The Frick Collection

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Neue Galerie

The Neue Galerie along the Museum Mile contains a an outstanding collection of Austrian and German art and design pieces.  If you are familiar with Gustav Klimt, one of Austria’s most famous symbolist painters, then you will be enthralled with this gallerie.

Several of his original paintings are housed inside the Neue Galerie, along with many German New Objectivity artist pieces. There is also an impressive display with periodical pieces of jewelry, and home furnishings of the art nouveau era, which I could not get enough of.

Inside the Neue Galerie is a café that I highly recommend, Café Sabarsky by Chef Kurt Guttenbrunner. The cuisine is Viennese and it is marvelous, it is one of the best museum cafes that I have been to in New York.

For Galerie visiting information, please visit- Neue Galerie NY

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Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

A visit to the Guggenheim in New York was a two-fer for me, and is a must see for everyone. The museum contains a great collection of contemporary, early Modern, Impressionist, and Post-Impressionist art.

pixel photo

It was also designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an American architect , whom I have always admired and appreciated. I have been to many of his homes and buildings throughout the United States, and the Guggenheim in New York being one of them. The modernistic building’s architecture both inside and out, along with its contemporary art collection, work cohesively together- it is an astounding museum.

Frank Lloyd Wright accepted the task to experiment, and create a design using his organic style in a city setting. He began in 1943, and he completed it 15 years later with 700 sketches, and six sets of working drawings to design the museum’s building.

The inside of the building has a gradual spiral design (nautilus shell) that creates a continued flow of space, freely moving from one section to another. Wright’s design embraced his take on the modernist architecture of rigid geometry, while encompassing nature- the nautilus shell.

For museum information, please visit – The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum


Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum

I have enjoyed art and design for as long as I can remember, and found much interest inside the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. This brilliant museum is housed inside the famous New York tycoon’s, Andrew Carnegie, former mansion; and its collection is devoted to historic and contemporary design.

The Cooper-Hewitt is also connected with the Smithsonian Institution, and is the only one of its kind in the United States.

The collections and exhibitions showcase nearly 240 years of design creativity, and aesthetic; with product design, drawings, prints and graphic designs, decorative arts, textiles, and wall coverings.

For museum visiting information – Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum


Jewish Museum

This was the most fascinating Jewish Museums that I have been too, as it is an art museum. It showcases thousands of years of Jewish culture through a variety of mediums, and includes a collection of nearly 30,000 items; which include drawings, paintings, sculpture, photos, everyday and archeological artifacts.

It is one of the oldest Jewish museums in the world, as well as the first of its kind in this country. The collection is housed inside the former Warburg mansion, a French Gothic chateau-style stately home, and was inaugurated in 1947. The curator Stephen Kayser declared, that it is the museum’s mission to use the fine arts to explore the substance of Jewish life and history. 

For museum visiting information, please visit – The Jewish Museum


Museum of the City of New York

Many towns and cities that I have explored have their own history museum, and the ‘Museum of the City of New York’ is the Big Apple’s. It is housed inside a Colonial Revival style brick and marble building, on land that was donated by the city. It was dedicated in 1932 as the Museum of the City of New York, and on January 24, 1967 the museum building was designated as a New York City Landmark.

The museum was founded to present and preserve the people of New York, as well as the city’s history. Inside are fascinating collections that explore decades of different lifestyles within the city, from early photo documentations, to the LBTQ movement, items that belonged to the early New York’s social upper class, theatre items, periodical clothing, and much more.

This was one of my favorite museums in New York, and I truly appreciated how each item that I looked at told the many stories this city had to tell.

For museum information, please visit – Museum of the City of New York


El Museo Del Barrio

The Museo Del Barrio concentrates its unique collection on the Puerto Rican, Latin, and Caribbean ‘New York’ experience, through art and artifacts. I enjoyed this museum very much, and felt that the photos, art, and artifacts were a thoughtful representation of last century’s migration into New York. I believe we all should educate ourselves through different mediums including art, as it is one’s personal expression of their experiences.

This little museum is a gem of place educating individuals of the history regarding a large population of New Yorkers, past and present, through art and culture.

For visiting information, please visit – El Museo del Barrio

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Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world…

– Andre Maurois
Yours Truly in New York

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