Murano, Burano and Torcello | The Islands of Venice, Italy

The little islands of Murano, Burano, and Torcello were a sensational way to extend our trip in Venice, Italy. They are all picturesque and unique in their own way- One is famous for glass blowing, another has rows of colorful buildings and small canals, while the other has an impressive archaeological heritage. These islands of Venice are quite special, and should not be overlooked on your visit to Venezia.

Greetings from Burano

Getting to the islands was very easy, and can be done on your own by water taxi, or by a group tour. When I had visited the three islands, my then teenage daughter and I took a vaporetto (water taxi) since we were renting a flat in Venice. If you are looking to visit the islands on your own, and need travel information, please visit – City Pass Venezia or Venice Vaporetto

Murano Glass Blowers

Murano, Burano, and Torcello can be done comfortably as a day trip from Venice if you start off early, and plan well. The islands have several restaurants and cafes, as well as simple accomodations in case you want to stay awhile.

For more about each island, and why they are uniquely special, please read on.



The island of Burano is a small archipelago of five smaller islands that are connected by bridges. The bright and colorful neighborhoods are interlinked by small canals that are lined with parked boats, which gives Burano a post card worthy atmosphere.

Burano is world famous for their handcrafted lace that are woven into beautiful patterns. Today, you can still see ladies who sit in the doors of their colorful houses of Burano making their pretty lace creations.

⭐Don’t forget to see the bell tower of Burano that leans like the Tower of Pisa!



This is the island that is world famous for its glass blowing, and you can pop your head into the open doors of the factories to watch the masters at work. There is also a Glass Museum, the Church of San Donato to visit, and many glass stores to go shopping in.

Murano Clock Tower

During the 8th century the traditional art of molding crystal into exquisite forms began. The island of Murano became a floating factory in order to prevent land fires, where glassmakers mastered the art of transforming sand into glass. In the early days master glassmakers were not allowed to leave the Republic, in fear of divulging their artistic secrets. The tradition of master glassblowing was passed down through the generations from parents to children, which makes it even more special.

Murano glass has become a symbol of Italian luxury with a history that developed from this magnificent little island. Be sure to buy a piece or two to ship or bring home, just to remember your visit to Murano!



The island of Torcello is very different from its sisters Burano and Murano. It contains a valuable archaeological heritage, which dates back to the fall of the Roman Empire. Torcello, which only has seventeen residents was one of the first lagoon islands that were populated. Venetians came here from the mainland to find refuge from barbarian invasions.

Torcello is a quiet retreat with its main attraction, the Cathedral of the Assumption, which contains Byzantine works from the 11th and 12th centuries, including several mosaics. The Church of Santa Fosca, also from the 11th and 12th centuries has a portico in the shape of a Greek cross that surrounds the building. There is also a museum on the island, which is inside a 14th century palace. For those who enjoy ancient history, and archaeology, Torcello will be an excellent experience.

On Devil’s Bridge in Torcello

⭐Don’t forget to visit the Devil’s Bridge, which according to local legend was built in a single night by the devil, and was not completed for this reason.


Just go. See all the beauty in the world…

Yours Truly in Venice, Italy

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