TAP Airlines Executive Class Cuisine | What to Expect

They say that once you turn left you never go right. We are not talking politics here either!

I was heading home to the United States after two months in Europe, and had booked a flight with TAP Airlines from Madrid to New York, with a layover in Portugal. Once I arrived in Portugal that was when I upgraded to Business Class, which is now called Executive Class. My upgrade only cost an additional €395, and it was definitely worth it.

Greetings from TAP Executive Class!

I have done this trick a few times, and have upgraded for a great price. Although there was a time that I was flying back from Istanbul to Los Angeles, and all the Business Class seats were sold out. The man behind the counter said that it was rare, and that was when I learned it was a crap shoot. It does not hurt to ask when you check in, and more than likely you will get a terrific deal on your upgrade.

If you have ever flown Business Class, First Class, or Executive Class then you know of the benefits. My International flight on TAP was very comfortable and relaxing, which made for a stress-free trip back home. I had my own window seat pod, with no one on either side of me- it was heaven. My seat reclined to a full bed position, which was wonderful as I needed to take naps in-between all the food and drink that were served.

TAP Airlines Executive Class menu boasts products from Portugal, traditional dishes and award winning wine. Their menu updates seasonally with sustainably sourced fresh ingredients which I find important.

There is no need to serve “Made for the Masses” frozen food in Executive Class, or in any class. All of the meals were served on china and over white linen that covered the food tray in my pod. I really enjoyed the service and the attentiveness of the flight staff. It made for my flight back enjoyable and stress free, which is always the best way to go – Stress Free!


It was still airplane food, and I probably would be disappointed if a restaurant served me these same exact courses to me. Considering that I was lounging in my own private pod, with a cute TAP swag bag, and on my way home; I was grateful for the multiple courses that were served. The food was not bad at all, it beats reheated pasta and a package of peanuts.

—— On the Food Tray ——

First Course

Starter – A bowl of toasted sunflower seeds, and a crispy croquette. Served with a never ending glass of Chardonnay.


Second Course

A bowl of creamed potato soup, a crusty roll with a cute rose shaped butter. Still with my never ending glass of Chardonnay.


Third Course

An adorable mini quiche, a seasoned turkey medallion and a little cheese bread puff. I am sure that I was still drinking that never ending pour of Chardonnay.


Fourth Course

Fish fillet with a creamy white sauce, served with a wheat roll and a rose shaped butter.


Dessert Course

Cheese Plate- a small selection of local cheeses, crackers and jam. Accompanied with a gin and tonic, and cup of mint tea.

They allowed us to sleep for several hours and then we woke up to yet another meal. Now mind you that the flight time was just over seven hours. I genuinely felt like a baby – Eat. Sleep. Eat. Sleep. It was very blissful!


A bowl of fresh fruit, and cuts of turkey with slices of white cheese and citrus fruit. Also, a crusty roll and rose shaped butter.


Upgrading your flight is just that, upgrading your flight experience and it is worth every penny. My upgrade might not have been as flashy as having my own suite but at my age, being comfortable is critical. Not only for my own sanity, but for everyone else’s around me!

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury…

– Coco Chanel
Yours Truly lounging inside the TAP Lounge

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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