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The cliffside village of Oia in Santorini has been one of Greece’s popular locations for centuries. I know that it was one of my favorites when I visited the Grecian Islands, as well as being loved by all those who have visited this town. Oia is magical, and for those who have been they have experienced her magic.

The town of Oia is most famous for its sensational sunsets, and the stunning views of white painted homes along its cliffsides. These homes were the former residences of the wealthy ship captains, who built neo-classical mansions in succession one above the other. In between the homes are narrow winding alleyways, as well as churches with blue roof tops. It is a spectacular site to see, as well as being a part of.

Greetings from Oia!

Oia was a very prosperous town, with its peak during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Its great economy was due to all the merchant fleets, which heavily traded in the Eastern Mediterranian from Alexandria (Egypt) to Russia.

When the arrival of steam came about, and Piraeus had the concentration of shipping, Oia’s seagoing trade started to collapse. Soon after its agriculture diminished, and a large emigration to other Grecian islands took place.

Today, Oia and the island of Santorini have come back again as one of Greece’s top destinations, as well as the world’s. It has been on many people’s radar to visit, and walk through its cliffside alleyways surrounded by its beautiful architecture. The sunsets of Oia are another of this village’s most popular attractions, and they are sensational.

Oia’s Sensational Sunsets

The sunsets in Oia are everything that you hoped it to would be, and more. I have witnessed the sun go down in many countries around the world, and Oia has one of the best that I have seen.

For me it was the whole experience from standing along the cliffside village, feeling the salty air, and watching the peace of the sun going down over the Aegean sea.

The sunsets certainly draw a crowd, and you will have situate yourself early by standing, sitting on ledges, or locating a restaurant or house with a vantage view point. There is something magical about being with a group of strangers from around the world, who like you are waiting for one of the best sunsets to be seen.

When the sun does set, it changes its hue to a dark golden color and touches the the water delicately. Then slowly, bit by bit, it disappears over the horizon. When the sun has completely set, the crowd of people you are standing with let out a big applause. As if they have just watched be most magnificent show they have ever seen; the sunsets of Oia just may be one of the best shows you will ever see.


Oia is dramatic, vibrant, and simply beautiful, if you have been then you know. If you are on your way, I wish you the same joy that we experienced while visiting this special place. Enjoy Oia and Santorini!

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Never go to long without watching a sunset…

– Atticus
Yours Truly in Greece.

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