Lovely Ljubljana | Discovering Slovenia

Ljubljana and the country of Slovenia left me inspired and speechless. Of all the countries in the Balkans that I had visited, and I have visited all of them, Slovenia is one that stands out. The capital city of Ljubljana was magnificent and beyond charming. There was something about the energy of the place- its neighborhoods, the cuisine, the wine, and its people. It left me wanting for more.

Greetings from Ljubljana

Slovenia is part of the Balkans in Eastern Europe, and was once absorbed into communist Yugoslavia. The country has come a long way in the last 30 years, which I found inspiring. From 1945 to 1992 Slovenia was the only European country that lived through three 20th century extreme totalitarian regimes- Fascisms, Nazism, and Communism. The last being Communism, and Slovenia had succeeded from Yugoslavia on May 8, 1991.

Today, Slovenia is the wealthiest Slavic country and has a well developed economy. It is also amongst the top global economies in terms of human capital, with Ljubljana as its center for economy, politics, education, and culture. The city is vibrant and full of energy, it truly has come a long way in the past three decades.

While exploring Ljubljana by foot, I discovered many lovely things about the city. I took a free walking tour first, which I do recommend. Once I got the lay of the city, and its history that is when I explored it on my own.

I also took a day trip to Lake Bled by hopping a bus to the lake, and walking it full circle. I learned about the region’s cuisine, and ate a lot traditional dishes. I sat in a wine bar tasting Slovenian orange wines, and spoke one on one to the sommelier about their wines. I even took a river cruise which gave me a different glimpse of the city from its water ways. To say that Ljubljana was one of my favorite Balkan cities, would be an understatement.


If you are considering a visit to Ljubljana, I have listed recommendations of my favorites in this lovely city. As well as additional food and wine blogs, and information on taking a day trip to Lake Bled – Enjoy!

Dragon Bridge


Triple Bridge


Walking the Banks of the Ljubljanica River


Central Farmers Market


Prešeren Square with Tripple Bridge


Columns of the Central Market Arcade


Café and Restaurant scene


Traditional Slovenian Dishes at Zlata Ribica

Zlata Ribica | One of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s Oldest Restaurants


Prešeren Monument


City Sculptures


Butchers Bridge (glass floor) & Love Locks


Cruising the Ljubljanica River


Ljubljanica River Cruise Views


The Milk Machine


Ljubljana’s Baroque Cathedral


Old Town


Neighborhoods Along the Banks of the Ljubljanica River


Robba Fountain


Ljubljana Castle on the Hill


MOVIA Wine Bar & Orange Wine

MOVIA Wine Bar and the Orange Wines of Ljubljana, Slovenia


My Slovenia Food Blog

What I ate in SLOVENIA – A Food Journal


Day Trip to Lake Bled

Café Belvedere | Cream Cake + Views of Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lovely Lake Bled | Discovering Slovenia


The question is who isn’t going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me…

– Ayn Rand
Yours Truly in Ljubljana

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