Ada’s Wine – Chef James Trees | A Perfect Place for Wine & Food in Las Vegas

James Beard Award Finalist Chef James Trees has definitely made an impression here in Las Vegas. With Esther’s Kitchen, Al Solito Posto, and again with Ada’s Wine (Chef James Trees & LEV Group). I knew that I was going to love Ada’s because I have enjoyed everything that Chef James Trees has brought to Vegas. It is not just me either, I run with many food enthusiast who feel the same.

Chix and Champers

The concept of Ada’s is to offer wines of the world, and delicious sharable dishes created by Chef de Cuisine Jackson Stamper. The sommeliers here at Ada’s wine certainly understand their craft, and have paired wonderful wines with my already sumptuous dishes.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

I have come in several times for a light bite with wine, or prior for a remarkable dinner across the way at Al Solito Posto, another fine restaurant by Chef James Trees. As a person who enjoys wine, sumptuous food, and a cozy atmosphere; Ada’s Wine has been an outstanding location for this Vegas local!

–On the Table–

Several of the delicious wines and dishes from Ada’s. (All photos are taken by me)

Cheese Board

Chef’s selection of cheese. fennel, peppers, honeycomb and Marcona almonds


Rapaura Springs Reserve Sauvignon Blanc

Marlborough, New Zealand – 2019


Endive Salad

Chorizo dressing, bread crumb, Secret de Compostelle Cheese


Chix and Champers

Seasoned fried chicken and a bottle of champagne


Salmon Rilette

Smoked salmon, shallot, tarragon aioli, chive


New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc


Harissa Olives

Gordal, Picholine, Castelvetrano


Basque Gateaux

Traditional Basque dessert with black cherries


For restaurant information, please visit – Ada’s Wine

Food is good, wine is better…

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📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

2 responses to “Ada’s Wine – Chef James Trees | A Perfect Place for Wine & Food in Las Vegas”

  1. […] favorite chef for a few years now, and has opened several popular restaurants- Al Solito Posto, Ada’s Wine, and Esther’s Kitchen. Each having a different concept, but all offering […]


  2. […] and he has opened up several outstanding restaurants- Esther’s Kitchen, Al Solito Posto, and Ada’s Wine Bar. All of them happen to be a few of my Vegas favorites, as well as my friends who love to dine. […]


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