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The Ring of Kerry, Dingle Peninsula, and Killarney in Ireland had been on my radar for many years. I had already traveled to Ireland twice prior, but never to the south western tip; home to the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry.

Ring of Kerry

On my most recent trip to Ireland, I decided to explore the western coast from Killarney to Galway, from the south up to the north, and it was an extraordinary journey.

I traveled by train from Dublin to Killarney, and stationed myself there. Then I took a couple of day trip tours around the Ring of Kerry, and another one to the Dingle Peninsula. Since I have not mastered driving on the left side of the road (American driver), I figured the tour bus route was the safest for everyone in the area!

Killarney, Ireland

I loved it all, and this region of Ireland- the green landscapes, the fierce waves against the rocks, the sandy beaches, the winding roads – all of it. If you are looking to do one or the other, I cannot help you decide, as I enjoyed both. You will just have to do it all, the ring and the peninsula!

During the drive around the Ring of Kerry, I realized why there were many tales and stories of the area. It was all very intriguing and inspiring. There is much history along the Kerry coastlines, 6,000 years of it.

The scenery is diverse with places of calmness, fierceness, free feeling, and artistic fun. If you are lucky and get an azure sky day, it makes for a beautiful backdrop with the various colors of the lush green pastures, dramatic grey cliffs, and maybe a rainbow or two.

There is much to see while exploring the Ring of Kerry; you can visit the Kerry Bog and Village Museum, take in breathtaking views of the wild coastlines, watch sheep dog demonstrations, visit the town of Sneem, and so much more. We had stopped off at several places to get out and be part of the environment, learn locational facts, and hear local legends. Seeing and being in an environment while listening to stories always makes it more real, one reason that I live for travel.

The Red Fox Inn and Kerry Bog Village Museum

On one of our many stops, we took a break at the The Red Fox Inn and Kerry Bog Village Museum. Many from the tour group decided to take a look at the village museum, but I saw glasses of Bailey’s Irish Coffee being poured. Take a guess on how I chose to spend my time! The hot coffee mixed in with Bailey’s Irish Cream was just what I needed on that chilly day. If I had more time and a bigger bladder, I would have had one more delicious glass.

Although I missed the museum for coffee with a splash of Bailey’s, the Kerry Bog Village museum sounded interesting enough. The museum contains a periodical village of the 19th-century with thatched roof cottages, and an insight of how locals lived during those years. For more info – The Kerry Bog Village

-Sheep Dog Demonstration-

One of the more interesting and enjoyable stopovers in Kerry was watching a Sheep Dog Demonstration at Kells Sheep Center. Border Collies are trained to herd sheep along the Kerry hills by command, and by instinct.

I was amazed at the training and responset of these working dogs. I’ve owned many dogs in my life, so watching the obedience and the focus of these Border Collies was fantastic. I could not see my dogs do anything but chase and scatter the sheep into the next county!

-Sneem Village-

The charming village of Sneem along the Ring of Kerry was a lovely stop to stretch our legs, take a walk, and explore for a while. The little village is divided by the Sneem River into the North Square, and the South Square. There are colorful little shops and cafes for ice cream, coffee, and baked goods. It was a great place to grab a snack and a drink before heading back to Killarney.

An interesting fact about Sneem- In the village there is a statue commemorating Sneem’s most famous citizen, Steve Casey. Steve and his brothers were Irish athletes during the 1930s, who competed in Boston for single scull rowing. Steve migrated to America, and became both NWA and AWA heavyweight wrestling champions of the world five times, from 1938 to 1947. Steve Casey was awarded the Irish Hall of Fame Award in 1982.

-Irish Food-

Over the course of my visits to Ireland, one thing that I always enjoyed, and have written about is Irish food. I love the warm and full feeling it gives on a chilly day.

While touring the Ring of Kerry, it was a cold day, and I decided on a warm bowl of Irish Stew. I typically do not eat lamb, but on that day I made the exception. The stew was very good, and was the comfort food that I needed. I also ordered a glass of Chardonnay, and bread pudding for dessert. This bread pudding was over the top sweet but enjoyable just the same. It was topped with a very creamy like caramel sauce, which acted like frosting on a cake. It was quite a heavy meal, and I do not think I ate for the rest of the day.

The restaurant that we lunched at was cozy with a scenic view of the coastline. Sadly, I do not remember the name of the place, nor the town it was in. There are plenty of restaurants located along the Ring of Kerry that have beautiful views like the one here, I can promise you that.

For my food journals:


My visit to the Ring of Kerry was not enough, and considered it a taster for my next visit to Killarney. I have done that in the past, visit a location for a few days to determine if I want to return with a longer stay. Killarney was a place that I wanted to return to. Not just to see more sights, but to get a feel of the locals, the towns, eat delicious seafood, and of course, drink more whiskey!

I’m not lost, I’m exploring…

Yours Truly in the Ring of Kerry

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

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