A Classic Scottish Afternoon Tea | The Balmoral in Edinburgh

I have always delighted in the whole experience of afternoon tea; the formality and the deliciousness that comes with a proper tea service. There are many interpretations of afternoon tea from a casual café setting, to the opulence of a Palm Court.

The Balmoral Hotel

There are not many stylish Palm Courts left in the world, a handful at best. The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh, is one of the few who maintain this early 1900s palm tree atrium. I have been fortunate enough to partake in afternoon tea in three of these Palm Courts; The Plaza Hotel in New York City, The Ritz Hotel in London, and The Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh. There is nothing like it when it comes down to the elegance of afternoon tea traditions, inside a historic and sophisticated setting.

The Palm Court inside The Balmoral was the prettiest of the three that I have been to. The elegant color palate of creams and sage green, traditional furnishings, and the tall slender palm trees created a beautiful backdrop to afternoon tea. Everything was exquisite; from the service, the attention to detail, the delicacies, and down to the people partaking in tea were beautiful- old and young a like.


Afternoon Tea at The Balmoral

– Champagne Cocktail –

Champagne Cocktail with a fizzy sugar cube

I started off with their classic champagne cocktail with the fizzing sugar cube. If offered and if you enjoy champagne, I recommend ordering a glass before your afternoon tea experience. More upscale establishments will offer a champagne afternoon tea, which is a wonderful way to upgrade your experience.


– Peony Rose Tea –

Tea poured from silver pots into fine china.

Since I am fond of floral flavors, I chose the Peony Rose Tea. I found it was the perfect pairing with the delectable flavors of my afternoon tea courses.

The impressive long tea pour

It was the simplest of things, but I was impressed with my tea server and his long pour. This excellent pour was skilled, and I had never seen anyone pour my tea like this before. He mentioned to me that he learned from the Palm Court that the long pour was the proper way to serve tea, and it had to do with the steeping and aeration. I learn something new everyday.


– Amuse Bouche –

Tiny little spoon with my lovely amuse-bouche

Chef Jeff Bland’s Amuse-Bouche of Hazelnut, chives and celeriac


– First Course: Scones –

Homemade Scottish style scones, fresh from the oven

Clotted cream and homemade Balmoral jam


Second Course: The Savories and Tea Sandwiches

Haggis bon-bon with apricot puree

Mushroom and Brie Tart

– Tea Sandwiches –

Coronation chicken- free ranged chicken, little gem lettuce, sliced brown bread

Traditional Scotish Ham, Arran mustard, vine ripened tomato, white bread

The Balmoral smoked salmon, chive creme fraiche, wholemeal bread

Egg mayonnaise, mini brioche, mustard watercress

Cucumber and lemon cream cheese, cracked black pepper, soft white bread


– Third Course: Tea Desserts –

Seasonal selection from The Balmoral Pastry Chefs


– Palate Cleanser –

Miniature Mango Sorbet on a Waffle Cone- Pallet Cleanser


– A Gift from The Balmoral –

House made chocolate in a little white box

Tiny tin of loose leaf tea


For information and reservations, please visit their website: The Balmoral Afternoon Tea

For my complete Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of Palm Court on Yelp

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage…

– Catherine Douzel
Yours Truly, Trixie

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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