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Stari Grad

I had an extra day or two while I was visiting Belgrade in Serbia, and decided on a quick solo trip to the second largest city, Novi Sad. This was a very easy trip that I strongly recommend for those who are visiting Belgrade. The travel time was only 1.5 hours, and the bus cost was about 5-6 € . Novi Sad is a gorgeous city to explore, and is more relaxed than the bustle of Belgrade.

Greetings from Novi Sad

Novi Sad was founded in 1694 as a Serb merchant colony across the Danube, and became an important cultural, trading and manufacturing center throughout the centuries. Today, the city is part of the financial and industrial center, along with Belgrade (the capital), to the current Serbian’s economy.

Most recently, the city of Novi Sad was proudly named the European Capital of Culture for 2022 and the European Youth Capital in 2019.

Town Hall

During my visit, I stayed in Stari Grad along the old Market Square in Novi Sad’s old town, which was an amazing place to be. The Market Square is flanked by two historic buildings- The Name of Mary Church and Town Hall. Stari Grad is a lively neighborhood that is filled with several important cultural institutions, landmarks, shopping, with many popular restaurants and cafes.

Cafe scene in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a definite hot spot in Europe especially during the summertime. I had visited during the EXIT Festival, which is a summer music fest held at the Petrovardin Fortress in the city. Novi Sad definatley came alive with visitors from all over, and the city goes into full swing with this event.

Name of Mary Church

The food scene is quite good here too, including the Serbian Pizza, which I suggest you trying. I had this thin crust, cheesy pizza at Pizzaria Adrijana in Old Town Novi Sad. It was pretty delicious and the service here was great.

Pizzeria Adrijana was founded in 1985 and the city’s citizens like to say the pizza here is “homemade”, due to the fact that the dough is a little thicker in comparison to Italian crusts. The restaurant is Located at Zmaj Jovina 1 in the city center, along the right side of the Mary Church.

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🏰 For city and tourist information, please visit- NOVI SAD


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