Lovely Lake Bled | Discovering Slovenia

A visit to Lake Bled while exploring Slovenia will always be worth the journey. Over the centuries, people (especially Europeans) have flocked to the shores of Lake Bled for its medical benefits, as well as some R & R -rest and relaxation. That is why I had ventured out to Lake Bled from Ljubljana, a little R & R and a slice of the region’s specialty, kremna rezina (cream pastry).

Kremna Rezina – a little slice of heaven

The tranquil blue waters of Lake Bled has been enjoyed recreationally as far back as the Holy Roman Empire; Emperor Henry II built Bled Castle in 1004 to establish an estate here. The lake also surrounds Bled Island, which houses a pilgrimage church, the Assumption of Mary. It was constructed at the end of 17th century, and decorated with Gothic artwork from the 15th century.

Greetings from Lake Bled!

Lake Bled is about 22 miles from the capital city, Ljubljana, and can be easily reached by public transportation or car. When I visited, I traveled by bus that left from the central bus station in Ljubljana. It was a pleasant journey to the lake, although on the way back the bus from Lake Bled was a bit chaotic.

There were a lot of people attempting to get on the bus, and not left behind. I was fortunate to arrive early and wait in line, with a bus ticket that I purchased in the morning (RT from Ljubljana) I was lucky, and was one of the first people on the bus. Keep that in mind if you decided to travel by bus.

When I arrived to Bled, I had no real plans but only to walk around the entire lake, and enjoy a slice of cream cake. I stopped off for some brunch at a café, and had one of my favorite Slovenian dishes- carniolian (smoked sausage), rustic bread and mustard. I found other great places to eat in Bled, including a restaurant that served delicious house made pate and a vegetable salad (see my Slovenia food blog).

I have listed Slovenian food and recommended places to eat, in my blog – What I ate in SLOVENIA – A Food Journal

The loop around Lake Bled was picturesque and lengthy, but I do love long walks, and it was pure bliss. There were wood boardwalks built along the shores of the lake, as well as stone steps that lead to nature paths into the woods. The wildlife in the area was plentiful, with a variety birds and sweet duck families swimming in the lake.

While I was walking the lake, I had come across the summer toboggan and lift chairs that went up one of the hillsides. It looked fun and I spontaneously made the decision to do it. It was a great decision because the ride up and down on the lift chars offered beautiful views of the lake, and the surrounding areas. You also have the option of taking the exciting toboggan ride down the hillside, or take the lift chair back- great fun!

Lift Chairs and Summer Toboggan

As a food blogger and gastronome, I was very interested in trying out Bled’s cream pastry, kremna rezina, which is their region’s special dessert for about 75 years. When I was looping the lake, about at the 1/4 mark, I began to notice signs for Café Belvedere. This place sounded magical and boasted the best views of the church, and Bled Cream Cake. It sounded perfect and it was perfect, just as advertised.

For more information and my review – Café Belvedere | Cream Cake + Views of Lake Bled, Slovenia

Café Belvedere

Beyond the luscious cream cake dessert, lovely glass of rosé, and the fun venture up the chair lifts; Lake Bled was extraordinary. I had visited to dip my toes into the region with the thoughts of spending more time along the turquoise blue lake. It is now definitely on my ‘go again’ to do list.

The country of Slovenia was enchanting, with Lake Bled being my favorite location- so far!

For tourist information, please visit – Bled, Slovenia


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Yours Truly in Lake Bled

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