Hvalfjörður -Hval Fjord | An Unforgettable ICELANDIC Road Trip

There are many places to road trip in this world and heaven knows that I have I done many. There was one unforgettable road trip that has always stayed with me, and that was through the Hval Fjord in Iceland. In fact, both of my most memorable road trips have been in this country. The journey in this region of Iceland was indescribable and left me short on words, which is nearly impossible to do. Photos can only express what we experienced in the Hval Fjord, so I will let my personal photos speak for me.

Hello beautiful!

My friends and I decided to rent a car for a few days while we were positioned in the capital city, Reykjavik. On one of our road trip days, we headed north on Route 1 and then east toward Reynivellir, which looped us around the Hval Fjord. We continued on to Akranes for lunch and the lighthouse, then back to Reykjavik from which we came. We also took several side roads that lead us to many extraordinary and picturesque locations- off the beaten track, so to speak.

Map route we took

It was the autumn season when we visited Iceland, which brought out the colors from the seasonal change into pure magic. There were magnificent golden hues on the land and in the trees. The air was crisp and clean, while the sky was mostly clouded, and with the appearance of an occasional rainbow. We also met unexpected four legged friends along they way- wooly sheep and my favorite, brown Icelandic horses.

A picture paints a thousand words. I created a photo journey in this post, since I felt that these personal pictures go a long way. So be sure to continue to the end of this page, all the while getting inspired to create your own memories along the Hvalfjörður -Hval Fjord!


Autumn colors
My brown Icelandic horse friends
On the road with friends
Akranes Lighthouse
Off the beaten track
Along Hval Fjords
Hval Fjords
Miniature Turf Houses
Autumn golden hues
Me, as the passanger
Wooly friends
Gruesome but intriguing graffiti art
Unmarked and almost fell in – be careful!
Hval Fjords
Hval Fjords
Hval Fjords
Signing the guest book at Akranes Lighthouse
Akranes Lighthouse

Lunching at GALITO in Akranes

For my Icelandic food blog – What I ate in ICELAND – A Food Journal

Toll booth and underground bridge back to Reykjavik


And just like that, we’re on our way to everywhere…

– Emery Lord, Open Road Summer
Yours Truly on the road in Iceland

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📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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