Old Town Regensburg – A UNESCO World Heritage Site | Exploring Germany

I could have stayed longer in Regensburg. Although truth be told, I could have stayed longer in Bavaria and one day (or month) I will do just that. Old Town Regensburg, besides the other towns that I have written about is why I fell in love with Germany, and particularly the state of Bavaria.

Regensburg is charming, historic, and lively. It was also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006, officially ‘The old town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof’. Citing: “The architecture of Regensburg represents the city’s role as a medieval trading centre and its influence in the region north of the Alps. Regensburg was an important transition point on continental trade routes to Italy, Bohemia, Russia and Byzantium. It also had multiple connections with the transcontinental Silk Roads.”- UNESCO website

Regensburg is an extraordinary medieval town that spans two millennia, which includes layers of historic structures. The layers of civilization date back to the Romans, as it was a major stronghold city of ancient times. The heart of Regensburg’s architecture has a medieval town plan with Romanesque and Gothic buildings. Its old world character is defined by narrow cobble stone roads, colorful buildings, numerous churches, and ancient fortifications.

The Old Stone Bridge was the most significant for me. It was built in the 12th century, and crosses the Danube River connecting Regensburg with Stadtamhof. I had read stories of how the Crusaders had crossed the Old Stone Bridge in order to get to the Holy Land. To stand on a bridge that had a connection with deep European history, and to acknowledge how far soldiers traveled for their beliefs at the time, was an amazing experience for me.

Hello from the Old Stone Bridge

Danube River Cruise – While in Regensburg, I could not pass on cruising down the Danube River. When I was a child, I used to play the ‘Blue Danube’ on the piano, not even knowing what the song was about. So for me to be on the Danube decades later, I naturally heard the song in my head while slowly making it down the river. The hour cruise was quite enjoyable for us, and it was a nice relaxing break from exploring the town.

Cruising down the Danube

I definitely would recommend taking a break while relaxing down the river. There are a couple of inexpensive cruises along the Danube River, which last about an hour or so:


Regensburg Cathedral –The towering Gothic St. Peter’s Cathedral dominates the city’s skyline, with the tall steeples being a prominent feature while along the Danube River. The cathedral was completed in 1520, and is considered the most important structure of Gothic work in southern Germany. It is also the the only example of French Gothic architecture in Bavaria. St. Peter’s is stunning in stature, architecture, and rich in history; it is definitely worth the time to visit.

Historische Wurstkuche – The historic sausage house in Regensburg was my initial interest in this beautiful Bavarian city. As a jetsetter and gastronome, what interested me were the prized sausages that are made in house and cooked over a coal grill. The brauts were very flavorful and delicious when served with kraut and mustard, plus the serving was generous.

The most significant fact of the The Historische Wurstküche or the Historic Sausage House is that it is perhaps the oldest restaurant, and public house in the world. It it dates back to 1135 AD, and sits close to the Old Stone Bridge where the crusaders had crossed centuries ago.

Historische Wurstküche zu Regensburg | The World’s Oldest Sausage House


Cemetery of Ambassadors – While we were strolling the cobblestone streets of Regensburg we came across a small alleyway with the most magnificent tombs. I remember looking down the narrow alley, and saying to my friend “What is that? Let’s check it out!” We found the access into the cemetery via the Trinity Church, and I started snapping photos of the most ornate tombstones that lined the wall like portraits. It was a very special and surprising place to find.

The Cemetery of Ambassadors is the burial site for the Protestant ambassadors who were members of the Eternal Diet or the Perpetual Diet of Regensburg. It was a session of the Imperial Diet of the Holy Roman Empire, which served uninterruptedly from 1663 to 1806. The elaborate tombstones tell the story of the ambassadors lives; politics, love, joy, and sadness.


Visiting Regensburg was an impressive and extraordinary experience. The old town was layered with rich history, charming architecture, delicious food and surprises around the corners. This is one town in Bavaria that I would not mind spending more time in as there is so much to explore. I hope your visit to old Regensburg is as wonderous as mine!

Wherever you go, go with all your heart…

– Confucius
Yours Truly wandering the streets of Regensburg

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