The Picturesque Peles Castle | Discovering Romania

Peles Castle was one of the most picturesque palaces that I had visited throughout Eastern Europe. The wood framed exterior reminded me of Bavaria, another European region that I have always enjoyed. It was built between 1873 and 1914, although its inauguration was in 1883. It was constructed in the Neo-Renaissance style for King Carol I. The location of the castle is located the beautiful Carpathian Mountains, which was an absolute amazing drive.

This extraordinary palace, which has always been referred to as a castle, was inspired as a blend of Neo-Renaissance, as well as the Gothic Revival similar to the Bavarian Neuschwanstein Castle. The courtyard facades have that charming German-Saxon influence with hand-painted murals and timbered fachwerk, which I also admire and have written about in other blogs.

Hello from Peles Castle Courtyard

The interior of Peles Castle was stunning, and a true reflection of the beauty and intricacies of the exterior. Although many of the rooms had different styles such as French, Moorish, Turkish and Florentine, the decor style had a predominant Baroque influence. The elegant rooms featured carved dark heavy wood details, lavish fabrics, and were adorned to perfect detail.

Grand Hall

The rooms inside depending on its function housed an extraordinary collection of paintings, artwork, statues, furnishings, stained glass, tapestries, rugs, porcelain, and ivory. Just the furnishings and decorative touches alone were stunning, and all perfectly positioned throughout each room.

Grand Hall

The Armory was truly impressive with a collection of 4,000 pieces of arms and armour. It included ceremonial and hunting pieces, as well as Eastern and Western war pieces. This astounding collection spans over four centuries of history. All were displayed intricately inside a stunning armory with ornately carved wood ceiling panels, door frames, and wainscoting.

The Armory

The artwork inside Peles Castle was enchanting. The paintings that had caught my attention were the three seasons, due to its composition as well as the humorous story behind it. The wall panels are only of the seasons spring, summer, and autumn because the lady of the Palace despised winter. She felt winter was an appalling and miserable season, so she only wanted the remaining seasons to be represented. I enjoyed that story because I too dislike winter, and would have most likely done the same.

Three Seasons – Spring, Summer and Autumn

Visiting each room was awe-inspiring, as well as having a surprise or two. In one of the rooms there was a carved wood bookcase that was an actual doorway to a secret passage. I have seen secret passageways in palaces and castles throughout Europe, and have always found the intriguing, but highly necessary for the time.

Secret Passage Way

I truly enjoyed visiting Peles Castle, and it still is one of my most favored throughout Europe. I would definitely recommend a trip to Peles while visiting Romania, as it would be an excellent addition to your holiday.

For more information, please visit – Peles Castle Website

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Yours Truly at Peles Castle, Carpathian Mountains

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