In Beautiful Brasov! | Discovering Romania

“Oh! You also went to Brasov!” My friend who grew up in Romania was excited that I had visited Brasov, and loved the photos that I shared with her. She told me stories of how her family used to take trips to Brasov when she was a child before coming to America. After visiting, I could see how this charming town filled her childhood with fond family memories.

The city of Brasov is quite a poplar location for travelers and located in Transylvania, Romania. It is a natural stop to visit while exploring the area and Bran Castle. It is a lovely city that is surrounded by the Carpathian mountain range. Taking a guided city tour is well worth the experience to gather knowledge of the area and the architecture.

Hello from Brasov!

Brasov is popular for its lovely old town with colored baroque building, and cobbled streets. There is much to explore including medieval Saxon walls and bastions, an impressive Gothic Black Church, as well as Casa Sfatului, which is the old town hall that is now a local history museum.

Casa Sfatului


The Biserica Neagră or Black Church was a truly an impressive site. It was constructed between 1383 and 1476 by the Saxon-German population, who lived in the city during that time. The Black Church is the most significant Gothic building or monument in Romania, as well as the largest church east of Vienna, Austria. It is currently the most important in the region as a place of worship for the Evangelical Church of Augustan Confession in Romania; the Lutherans.


There are several lovely restaurants and cafe’s in old town Brasov to choose from. Whatever place you choose to eat at, I strongly suggest trying traditional Romanian dishes. While in Romania, I had tried many local dishes, but these two I had eaten in Brasov:

  • Cașcaval pane – A deep fried cheese that has been a staple for Romanians and other countries in the area since communist times. I have tried this dish in Czech Republic and Hungary, and has also been a staple of mine when I travel to Eastern Europe.
  • Gogosi – These little yummies were as delicious as they look! Similar to a donut without a hole, gogosi are a traditional Romanian dessert. They are deep fried dough and often filled with jam, chocolate or types of cheeses.

For more food in Romania – What I ate in ROMANIA, MOLDAVA and BULGARIA – A Food Journal

Brasov was a beautiful, charming and friendly part of Romania that I enjoyed visiting. I understood why my friend thought so much of this city while growing up here. I would definitely revisit Brasov again, and recommend the exploration of it on your visit to Romania!


Photo Gallery


Collect moments not things…

Yours Truly in Brasov.

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  2. […] For more information – In Beautiful Brasov! | Discovering Romania […]


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