Historic Centre of Vilnius, Lithuania | A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Exploring the historic centre of Vilnius was like diving into a large delicious bag of eye candy for me. I have always been one for architecture, as well as a love for Eastern Europe, and the centre of Vilnius had combined those passions for me. The historic city centre embraces several significant architectural styles including Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical. All which have been beautifully preserved over the centuries.

The Historic Centre of Vilnius was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994, shortly after the fall of communism. It is noted as having Outstanding Universal Value – “Political centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the 13th to the end of the 18th century, Vilnius has had a profound influence on the cultural and architectural development of much of eastern Europe. Despite invasions and partial destruction, it has preserved an impressive complex of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classical buildings as well as its medieval layout and natural setting.” – UNESCO site

The city of Vilnius is an extraordinary example of a city that had evolved with a variety of influences of different religions, languages, and cultures. All that has been preserved over time. Vilnius also directly influenced the architectural style and cultural development throughout much of Eastern Europe.

During my visit, I had taken a two hour walking tour and truly admired every building I came across. The mix of architectural styles, stone streets, and colorful buildings was like taking a stroll through a time capsule. I delighted in the laidback vibe of the town, while learning about the city’s past and architectural history.

For those who are interested in classic traditional Lithuanian cuisine, I highly suggest a couple of restaurants:

🍽 Restoranas Lokys | The Forrest Food House in Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Noted as the Forest Food House and the oldest family run restaurant in Vilnius 

🍽 Etno Dvaras | Traditional Cuisine in Vilnius, Lithuania

  • Etno Dvaras, which is recognized as serving the BEST and MOST AUTHENTIC dishes.

🍽 What I ate in LITHUANIA – A Food Journal

I very much enjoyed my visit in Vilnius, as it was also a jumping point for me to visit the Hill of Crosses. In addition to the eye candy of architecture of the city, I met several great people in Lithuania, delectably dined at a couple of lovely restaurants, and purchased beautiful amber jewelry pieces. This is one country that I would love to revisit for awhile, just to dive into more of what it had to offer with food and wine, as well purchasing a couple more amber pieces. Love, love, love Lithuania!

For tourist information, please visit their official website: Visit Vilnius


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Yours Truly in Vilnius Centre

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  3. […] For more information on Vilnius, Lithuania – Historic Centre of Vilnius, Lithuania | A UNESCO World Heritage Site […]


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