Stonehenge Experience – A UNESCO World Heritage Site | Discovering England

There are a multitude of articles and blogs written about this mysterious UNESCO World Heritage Site, that I figured I would write on my two experiences of visiting Stonehenge. Yes, I have been there twice and not because I loved it so much. Both times I visited Stonehenge it was part of a day tour package from London, so on my second visit I was really just there for the ride.

There are numerous half day Stonehenge day tours or full day tours that travel into the area, which include Stonehenge. I mean, I got to Stonehenge twice, with the second time by not even trying. It is that easy from London.

The first time I visited Stonehenge, it was a very cold and windy February day that my hair was all over the place. My friend who took the photo said to me, “Nice toupee, Trixie! ” We both laughed because it was quite funny, as there was no way to keep my waist long hair from flying to one side. I did look as if I were wearing a hairpiece though, good call!

My first impressions of Stonehenge was a definite ‘awe’ moment. I had seen Stonehenge in the media and in books for decades, but it truly is an amazing sight to see in person. You are not allowed to get close to the stone circle, as you are able to at the Ring of Brodgar in the Orkney Islands of Scotland, but it was still an amazing sight to see.

When I was approaching Stonehenge, and walked around it I could not help to think how these massive sarsen stones were transported, and erected in a circle back in the Neolithical period, 2500 BC. Those who imagined it, and constructed it must have been inspired from a higher source. They were also very determined to construct this massive landmark for the burial of their cremated dead.

I have been to many sites throughout my travels that have amazed me, due to the efforts and ingenuity of humans during a time when modern machinery, and transportation were not involved. Stonehenge was one of those sites that left me in wonderment, not only regarding the physical labor, but also the thought process behind the construction.

Stonehenge Mural Complete Circle

There is also an exhibit of Neolithic homes that connected those who built Stonehenge, and how they lived. I have always found dwellings fascinating; how others lived and using what they found in the environment to build their abodes. These homes were recreated from an excavation back in 2006-2007 at Durrington Walls, which is about a mile from Stonehenge. The structure remains were found to be built about the same time of Stonehenge, 2500 BC.

Recreated Stonehenge Neolithic Homes

On my second visit to Stonehenge, it was a much colder day than my first visit several years prior. The second time I was with my cousin who wanted to see Stonehenge, and since I had already seen it, I stayed inside the café where it was a lot warmer. I entertained myself with a hot drink, and a prepackaged coffee and walnut cake, which I thoroughly enjoyed. If this were my first visit to Stonehenge, I would have faced the cold and drizzly day to walk around the ancient stone circle.

I had been told by many travelers or locals that they are just rocks. I am sure they were joking about it, they are rocks but it was said in a way as if it were not a big deal. Stonehenge is a big deal, and not because it was inducted as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1986. This ceremonial stone circle dates back to the end of the Stone Age, and is a significant marker of human existence and evolution. I may think too much about things, but travel will that to you!

For travel information – Visit Stonehenge


Wonder is the beginning of wisdom…

– Socrates
Yours Truly at Stonehenge

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