Getting the Gift of Gab – Kissing the Blarney Stone | Exploring Ireland

About to kiss the Blarney Stone

“At least buy me dinner first!” My exact words to the man who was holding my legs, and torso while he was telling me “Lower. . Go lower!” I swear that was a true story, and now get your mind out of the gutter! I was hanging upside down, holding onto a couple of bars, and kissing the Blarney Stone. All for the gift of gab, which I have been told by many that I already own.

Blarney Castle

Kissing the Blarney Stone is something everyone who visits Ireland should do. This was my third time to the Emerald Isle, and I finally got to kiss the stone for the gift of gab. They do not make it easy to kiss it, and getting to the stone is no walk in the park either. Be ready to climb winding stairs, duck under doorways, and cram yourself into small hallways with strangers. By the time you get to the top it is open roofed, so if it super sunny or rainy be prepared for some weather. No matter rain or shine, the views during the climb are beautiful.

The top- Where you will kiss the stone.

My suggestion is this… GO EARLY! The earlier the better. Whether you drive, take a coach, or on a tour- just go straight to the castle. If you wait and look at the stores, grab a bite to eat, or take photos of the exterior you may loose that window of going straight in. By the time I got out of the castle, the line was at the 90 minute mark.

Seriously though, take your castle and grounds photos when you are done kissing the Blarney Stone. The castle has been there for centuries, and I promise you it will be there when you are done.

Views from the castle

And please KISS IT if you are physically capable of doing so. Do not be scared to do it. There were many people who climbed up, but did not kiss it. You have to trust your ability to maneuver yourself, and that the man holding you will keep you steady.

About to kiss it!

What’s the point to just see it? Kiss it and maybe the guy will buy you dinner first!

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Photo Gallery

Last selfie before going lower.


There is a stone there, that whoever kisses, Oh! He never misses – to grow eloquent…

Yours Truly at Blarney Castle

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šŸ“ø All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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