Hadrians Wall – A UNESCO World Heritage Site | Exploring England

Greetings from Hadrian’s Wall!

Finding myself at Hadrian’s Wall was a long time coming, as I had been wanting to walk along this ancient wall for almost 30 years. Even though I had been to England many times over, I had never made it to Hadrian’s Wall. So when I saw got a glance at the Roman Wall, walked along it, touched the stones, and took in the rolling hills surrounding it – I was elated. I know, talk about the ultimate travel nerd girl!

Hadrian’s Wall was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It is a defensive wall in northern Britain that dates from 122 CE, during the rein of Emperor Hadrian. Originally the wall stretched from coast to coast at a length of 120 km or 73 miles. It was first thought to have created a boundary between Britain and Scotland, although no one truly knows for sure why it was constructed.

Views from Hadrian’s Wall

Now the wall did mark the northern boundary of the Roman Empire in Britain when it was built. There have been many theories of why this major wall was commissioned from controlling smuggling, keeping indigenous people from the North away, or limiting immigration. Hadrian’s wall was in continuous use until the 5th century CE when it was eventually abandoned.

Visiting Hadrian’s Wall:

There are different points of Hadrian’s wall to visit as it runs across the UK. There are tours that will take you, but there is also a bus that runs the loop. It is less expensive, and you can take your time.

At any point you start at Hadrian’s Wall be sure to wear good walking shoes, and layered clothes. Getting yourself to the wall is not something that you can drive up to, and get out of a car for. There will be trekking up and down hills, through fields of sheep, and you will get your shoes dirty. It is a great experience for those who love walking in the open air.

For my cousin and I, we stationed ourselves in New Castle, and took the Hadrian’s Wall Bus which gave us time to adventure on our own timing. The Hadrian’s Wall bus (AD122) leaves from the Hexam Bus Station. So we initially took a bus from New Castle to Hexam, and then transferred onto the AD122-Hadrian’s Wall Bus.

🚌For current bus routes and information, please visit – AD122 Hadrian’s Wall Country Bus

Crossing through fields of sheep

Short or long holiday? When my cousin and I visited, we only came for the day because we were limited on time. Now there are lovely B&Bs along the way, little villages, and cafes. Hadrian’s Wall can make a nice holiday, and one day I will do a week walk of the wall- I promised myself that!

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Blessed are the curious for they will have adventures…

Yours Truly at Hadrian’s Wall

🌎 Thank you for visiting my website and NEVER STOP EXPLORING!

📸 All photos are taken by me and are my intellectual property – Trixie Navarre

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