What I ate in England – Part 2 – A Food Journal

England is not all about fish and chips or English fry-ups, although those are a couple of my favorite British meals. In the last fifteen years that I have traveled to the United Kingdom, I noticed the food scene changing and it has excited me. I am not only a fan of their evolving food scene, but I have an admiration for this country. It has been my most visited place on Earth, and I have yet to finish exploring it!

For those who are looking to visit England and wanting a few ideas of where and what to eat, I have compiled several food journals of ‘What I ate in London’ and ‘What I ate in England’. All along with links to my other food blogs and reviews. Happy reading and happing eating!


Moon and Sixpence

First of all, the name! Moon and Sixpence was incredibly charming and magical- swoooon. I wanted to change my name to ‘Moon-and-Sixpence’, I loved it so much. My friends and I had stumbled upon this seaside gem while at the Whitby Gothic Festival, and found the food and service to be just as great as the name.

I ordered an espresso martini to start because you know I do love a martini! This cocktail really should have been ordered at the end because it was sweet and creamy with a little espresso bean on the top. For the entrée we all ordered the clam chowder because when you are seaside the natural rule is to order something in the seafood family. When the bowls of clam chowder arrived, I knew we all made the perfect decision. The clams were in shell, and it was a generous serving. We also ordered some chips, fries to the American audience. We decided on regular salted chips, and the crab chips for sharing. The salted chips were good on their own, but all of us could not help but indulge in the crab chips.

For my complete Five Star Yelp Review- Read Trixie N.‘s review of Moon and Sixpence on Yelp


What I ate in England – Part 1

If you missed my first food journal of what I ate in England – Part 1, do not forget to click on the link below to check out more delicious dishes while I visited the UK!

What I ate in England – Part 1 – A Food Journal


Yorkshire Pudding in Yorkshire

I have eaten my share of Yorkshire pudding throughout England, including while in Yorkshire. I have tried different versions of it in pubs, as well as homemade at my family’s in West Yorkshire. I love this traditional British dish, and it is as meat and potatoes as you can get.

The pudding part is actually the light bread/ pastry that accompanies the hearty meal. I have made it at home before, and it is easy to make. It is a baked pudding made from a batter of eggs, flour, and milk or water. It is traditionally served with roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, and loads of rich meat gravy.



If you are looking for pub style food at a fair price, Wetherspoons is a good place to try. I have gone to several over the years from London to Inverness, Scotland. My family members who I visit in England, always recommend Wetherspoons. It is a great place to try if you are on a budget or traveling with children/ teenagers.

I have tried many of their dishes from their full all-day menu including breakfasts, sandwiches, beer, pastas, and more. Some of the dishes that I have tried and enjoyed for the price points were the chicken and brie sandwich, steak and chips, fish and chips, as well as the jacket potatoes. Now if you want a great bang for your buck or quid, go in for their full British breakfasts.

For menu and locations, please visit – JD Wetherspoons


Stonehenge Snacks

I have been to Stonehenge twice and each time has been windy, cold, and unruly. One day I will make it there when it is sunny, warm, and bearable. On my second visit, I went out for a hot minute to take a quick view, and came back into the visitor’s center. Several years prior, I had already got as close and personal to Stonehenge as one could get. My second visit, I opted for a hot cup of coffee and a coffee & walnut cake.

I have always loved the little cakes that I have found in Britain or Europe, from almond flour cakes, carrot cakes with rich frostings, to coffee cakes. Although this coffee and walnut cake was pre-packaged and stamped with the touristy Stonehenge sticker, it was still delicious with that piping hot cup of coffee.


London Eats

If you are visiting London as part of your England trip, check out my journals filled with recommendations and reviews of places to eat in London Town.

What I ate in London – Part 1 – A Food Journal

What I ate in London – Part 2 – A Food Journal

What I ate in London – Part 3 – A Food Journal


Sandwich Melts at Castle Howard

I am not sure what comes over me when I travel. I definitely get the munchies, and want to stop in at every café of every castle that visit. This was no exception when I visited Castle Howard in England. I had wanted to visit this stately home for over a decade, and I had finally visited on one of my trips to England. I also visited the café and ate this tasty tuna melt!

I do love a good tuna melt as it reminds of childhood. It is just a simple sandwich made like a grilled cheese but with an addition of tuna mayo salad. So delicious especially on a cold gray day in England.


Love Brownies

I have checked out this scrumptious chocolate café in Ilkley a few times, and it was always a sweet time. My favorite chocolate moments here have been to order one of their flavored brownies, and accompany it with a cup of rich hot chocolate. Talk about double dosing!

This lovely brownie was their Double Fudge Whiskey Brownie. It was decadent, rich, and chocolatey with a hint of whiskey.

For shop location and information, please visit- LOVE BROWNIES


A Pint of Cider Inside Ilkley’s Oldest Pub Building

I am not a beer drinker, but I can definitely get down with a pint of cider. Alcoholic apple cider is widely popular and available throughout the United Kingdom. It has always been a great alternative for me if I was visiting a pub with friends or family. I enjoy it because it is lighter and crisper, with stone fruit flavors of apple.

This pub where I am happily enjoying my cider is one that I have frequented often while in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. The Flying Duck is the oldest pub building in town, and dates back to the 1600s. It is a cozy old pub that has retained many of its original features.

For more information, please visit – The Flying Duck


Cornish Pasty, Chips, Peas and Gravy

I do love a Cornish Pasty, and have eaten them throughout the UK and in the States. Although England has been the only place where I have eaten it with proper chips, a side of peas, and drowned in brown gravy.

The Cornish Pasty is a traditional British dish that dates back to the 13th century. It is one food to try while in England, and if you can have it served as a meal like this, even better. This stuffed pastry is folded in half and crimped on one edge, similar to an empanada or calzone. Although the British version is definitely different starting from the pastry itself down to the fillings. The traditional recipe for the pasty filling is beef with potato, onion, and swede. When cooked together it forms a rich gravy, all sealed in its own packet.

In today’s market you can find all types of Cornish Pasties. I have tried many variations from Mexican fillings, Chicken Vindaloo (Indian) and Guinness Beef Stew.


Ice Cream with Flake Chocolate

Finding a stick of Flake chocolate in your ice cream is quite common in England. Almost every ice cream cone that I have eaten throughout England had a flake sticking out of it. I am not complaining, actually I praise the Brits for just adding a bit of ‘extra’ to an ordinary ice cream cone.

Flake chocolate is made by Cadbury. It is a light crumbly bar that is airy, and a bit hollow. It makes a nice touch to any ice cream cone that you will receive in the UK.


More Pub Food

I was not joking when I said that I eat a lot of pub food! British pub food could equate to what us Yanks call bar food, but I do find it better in most cases. A lot of the dishes can be traditional using local ingredients, such as Full English Breakfasts, Shepherds Pie, Cornish Pasty, or Bangers and Mash.

At this one pub in Ilkley, The Riverside Pub, my cousin and I noshed on a few tasty dishes. Onion rings with a side salad, which you will not find in America; I have not found one bar that offers a side of fresh greens with a plate of onion rings. Also, my favorite of chips and gravy, with a slice of fresh apple pie to finish it off.


Fried Fish Sandwich and Fries

I sat down at a legit BBQ joint in Leeds and ordered the fish sandwich. Yeah, sometimes I make interesting decisions. I am not saying that this fish sandwich was bad, it was a great one with golden battered cod, red onion, capers, and pickles. But when my family’s plates came out with BBQ ribs and chicken, I sat their with a fish sandwich.

Red’s True BBQ in Leeds offers American style Barbeque like USDA brisket, pulled chicken, chopped pork, and burnt ends.

For menu and location information, please visit Red’s True Barbeque.


Indian Food in England

Whether I am in London or other towns throughout England, I cannot help but find myself in a curry house. I have always said that curry in the UK, is like Mexican food in the US. Only certain hemispheres know how to do certain ethnic dishes right, in my opinion. With that said, I have always loved a good curry house in the UK.

This Desi Garlic Chili Chicken served at Panache in Ilkley was excellent. Desi style curry is as the name indicates, it is a desi Indian style chicken curry made with a delicious spice mix. This dish was very flavorful, had great spice, and heat- loved it.

For restaurant information, please visit – PANACHE


Complimentary Airport Cocktails

Who doesn’t love a complimentary cocktail or two? On one of my visits to England, I was with my daughter who had just turned 18 a few months prior. She loved the fact that while in Europe and the UK, she could order a pint or a cocktail. My daughter was elated even more so when we were both given complimentary cocktails while walking through Heathrow Airport. It made the flight back home a lot more manageable!

Cheers Darlings!


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